Cyclone Amphan Left Devastation Behind in West Bengal & Odisha - These Pictures Are Proof

Cyclone Amphan, a powerful cyclone which hit Indian states Kolkata and Odisha along with Bangladesh on 20th May, has killed 84 individuals in across the two countries. IT ha left behind a catastrophic devastation felt more urgently in the wake of the pandemic. It has destroyed livelihoods of many and has caused severe backlash to the lungs of India and the world - the Sunderbans. People in Kolkata have been sharing some devasting pictures that stand witness to the havoc wreaked by Cyclone Amphan.

Some of these images are: 

1. The Iconic Yellow Taxi - Submerged.

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PHOTO | The iconic yellow taxi submerged after the cyclonic storm. #CityOfJoy #CycloneAmphan #NorthEastStyle

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2. Floods Everywhere

3. Millions of People - Stranded.

4. Destruction Everywhere

5. Nature and Livelihoods - Uprooted.

6. Chaos Everywhere

7. Second Largest Second-Hand Book Market in the World - Destroyed.

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Absolutely heart breaking images coming from the Northern part of Calcutta -College Street, the larger book market in India and the second largest second-hand book market in the world. . After Covid forced us all indoors, these booksellers from college street were already going through a harrowing phase, trying to keep their body and soul together. The cyclone Amphan struck and snatched away the little glimmer of hope that they had sheltered within their hearts, that things would resume back to normalcy once this pandemic passed over. We as Indians have always seen books as sacred objects, an embodiment of knowledge itself, and today seeing these images, I cannot help but be teary eyed at the state they have been reduced to. I hope we can all come out of it stronger and more compassionate than our former selves. . . Please let me know for the source of the image

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8. Wreckage Everywhere

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