Getting Around Peru

Getting Around in Peru

Domestic travel in Peru is simply laid out. Roads are apt for buses and cars. Locals generally prefer to travel by bus. Railway lines also operate on a frequent, regular basis. Travelling by plane to other Peruvian cities is also a good option and somethign that plenty of people go for.

Getting Around Peru By Air

Domestic travel by flight within Peru is not unheard of. It is also quite cheap. Carriers offering their services for this purpose are LC Peru, LATAM Peru, Peruvian, Star Peru and Avianca Peru.

Getting Around Peru By Rail

Train tickets in Peru are also to be bought in advance. The country has a total of 8 railway lines. These lines are operated by the following companies -- Peru Rail, Inca Rail, Ferrocariles Central Andino SA and Ferrovias Central Andino SA.

Getting Around Peru By Road

Getting around by road is very convenient in Peru. Buses start from a fixed point and people generally buy their tickets in advance. Apart from regular buses, there are also first class buses. You could also rent a car for the day and drive around as you soak in the scenic landscapes. There are three main roads in Peru, going from north to south, cross-country and to the east.

Places to Visit In Peru

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