Getting Around Brazil

Getting Around in Brazil

The public transportation systems, mains planes and buses are well developed in the country. Brazilians rely mostly on air travel which has become quite cheap due to budget airlines whereas buses are an excellent and inexpensive way for exploring the country. The option of renting a car is always there, however due to bad driving standards, it is not recommended. Boats or ferries are common in Northern Brazil for exploring the Amazon rainforests.

Getting Around Brazil By Air

The air travel scene in the country has improved significantly over the years, making it the most preferred way of getting around considering the large distance between the destinations. All cities are served by an airport and a great number of domestic flights are available at a good frequency for getting around the country. The major domestic air carriers include TAM, Gol, Avianca and budget airlines such as WebJet and Azul. These domestic flights have many stops en route and due to a large number of them, sometimes the flights might not be listed on the airport, so make sure you board the correct flight by confirming it with the airport staff.

Getting Around Brazil By Road

Brazil being the largest country in South America also has the largest road network and the option by road can be chosen if you have ample time and flexibility to visit various places. The travel times from major destinations are quite large, usually taking more than 10 hours. The buses are an economical and comfortable way of getting around. Inter city buses are available from local bus stations knows as Rodoviˆria. Car rental companies such as Alvis and Hertz have their offices at airport offering many options to choose from. Note that driving in Brazil can get crazy and the country is among the countries with highest traffic deaths.

Getting Around Brazil By Water

Boats are the only for getting around in Amazon due to lack of proper roads. Ferries are common in the south for travelling to numerous islands near Salvador and in the Bay of Paranaguˆ.

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