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1. Lima

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Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru.With the population of 10 million, Lima is the most popular metropolitian area of Peru. Climate in Lima keep changing from mild to warm. It is neither cold nor very hot. Lima's architecture is characterized by a mix of styles. One can easily find early co...

Best Time: June to November

FAQs on Peru

What is the currency of Peru?

Peruvian Sol or nuevo sol is the national currency. It is preferable to carry and use notes of smaller denominations. USD 100 notes are fairly difficult to exchange. ATMs are easily available and credit cards are also accepted at several places.

What is the history of Peru?

Long, long ago, Peru was a part of the Great Incan Empire. It was also the major viceroyaltyÊof Spanish South America. In 1821, Peru declared itself to be independent, but they managed to fully defeat the Spanish forces only in 1824. Years later, another war was fought between Peru and Spain, followed by a war with Chile. In 1945, Peru broke free from the shackles of dictatorship with the election of a President. In spite of several more protests, the democracy of Peru managed to survive.

What is unique about culture of Peru?

Peruvian culture has been inherited from the Incas or the natives. Music and dance is an integral part of their culture and identity. Although the nuclear family system is dominant here, the extended family is also given a lot of importance, as kinship is important to them. The main religion of Peru is Roman Catholicism. Other Christian groups also exist. The official language of Peru is Spanish. Other languages spoken here include Aymara and Quechua, which are aboriginal languages.

How is Peru divided into regions?

Peru is divided into the Central Coast, which houses the capital Lima, the Southern Coast which is known for its sand dunes and greenery, the Northern Coast which holds a lot of beaches for relaxation, the Southern Sierra which has a lot of mountains and valleys, Central Sierra, known for quirky and charmingly traditional old towns and Northern Sierra which is the Andean region. The other secondary regions include Altiplano, San Martin, Peruvian Amazon and Madre de Dios.
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