Getting Around Colombia

Getting Around in Colombia

Colombia has an efficient network of domestic flights connecting all big and small cities and is also preferred by the locals over other forms of transport for inter-city travel. Buses are the most widespread and the best option for getting around any city in Colombia. Taxis can be easily found in all tourist destinations.

Getting Around Colombia By Air

Travelling by air is a good option because of long distances between all the main cities even though it is a bit expensive as compared to other transport options. All the major cities in Colombia have airports and are connected by various flight options. The domestic flight carriers in Colombia include Avianca, COPA Colombia, Satena and low-cost airlines EasyFly and VivaColombia.

Getting Around Colombia By Road

Colombia is served by an extensive road network which is well maintained connecting all the main cities. The traffic gets interrupted during the rainy season and getting around by road becomes quite difficult in this season. Most of the tourist destinations have taxis and the choice of renting a car, anyone with a valid international driving license can drive in the country. The capital Bogota has an impressive and cheap taxi network, whereas the bus transit systems such as Metroplus in Medellin and Mio in Cali are an efficient way of getting around.

Places to Visit In Colombia

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