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What is the best time to visit Austria?

June-August, September and October is the best time to visit Austria. Austrian summers are comfortably warm and not too prickly hot. It’s a good time for having a good time outdoors. The streets are filled with travellers from all over the world during these months, and hence, accommodation costs are higher. There’s a rush of tourists in all famous places. The average temperature in June-August remains 25°C (77°F). August is the best month of swimming, biking and hiking, which also sees around 7-8 days of rainfall, which, however, won’t be a barrier for you in your exploration. To experience the best of Austria’s wine culture, September should be your travel time. The average temperature is 21°C (70°F), and there’s a bit of scanty rainfall for a few days. October is the start of autumn, and the parks look magnificent with the golden and bronze hues of the falling leaves. The average temperature during this month is 15°C (59°F), and it is undoubtedly the most beautiful month for visiting Austria.

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Seasons in Austria

Peak Season
June-August is the peak tourist season in Austria, with the roads crowded and accommodation prices high. Particularly in the Salzburg area, you can find most of the tourists having a gala time enjoying the local festivities. The hotel prices almost get double in Vienna. So, you need to make your booking beforehand. The average temperature during this season is around 74 – 77° F / 18 – 25° C.

Shoulder Season
September and October can be the shoulder months in Austria. It’s the beginning of the autumn season, and Austria looks magnificently beautiful in that bronze hue. The mountains turn to be the fiery adventure destination for travellers. The temperature is pleasant for touring around the places. Even the accommodation costs are lower than that of the peak season, and the public areas aren’t filled with tourists. The average temperature during this season is around 57 – 79° F / 10 – 15° C.

Low Season
November to February is the low season in Austria. The weather is exceptionally chilled, and there isn’t much to do for the travellers as the beauty of Austria gets blanketed in snow. However, the winter season has its beauty in the country. The yuletide vibe that Christmas brings in cannot be overlooked and often loved by a group of tourists from around the globe. In case you are fond of sub-zero temperatures and spine chilling cold, Austria during winter should not be a low season for you. The average temperature during this season is 44 – 53° F / -1 – 5° C.

Austria in Winter (December - February)

December-February comprises the winter months in Austria, and when we talk about December in Austria, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas! With the vibrant Christmas souks popping up on each corner of the country, selling the best of food and drink to the passer-by's and some family-friendly outdoor activities, this month is Austria is perfect for the winter-loving travellers. If you wish to excuse the crowd, then a visit to Feldkirch is a must to experience the beauty of the medieval city life.

Or the Tyrolean village of Alpbach is also great for some beautiful pictures and experience of white Christmas. January is the coldest month in the country, and it is the best time to visit the Alpine region for skiing and other snow activities. The mesmerising Hahnenkamm race also takes place during mid-January, which contains some nail-biting skiing activities. February is a perfect month in Austria for all the love-birds around the world. Vienna is undoubtedly the most romantic city in Austria and spending Valentine's Day there with your loved one can be an experience for a lifetime. A cosy coffee date or an idyllic spa session with your partner should be on top of your itinerary in February.

Austria in Spring (March - May)

March should be the start of spring in Austria, but the weather doesn’t feel so. It’s chilly, temperature-wise, and a relatively unpopular month for visiting Austria. Hence, accommodation costs are surprisingly lower. However, the merry Easter markets at every nook and corner will cheer your mood in case you are there in March. There will be fun events of egg-painting and wine tasting and being a part of these will make you feel like the locals. April is unpredictable weather-wise.

It’s a mix of sun and frost. But you can always pay a visit during this month as the Easter celebrations are in full swing. Also, the Styria village event in Vienna is quite a thing if you are fond of cultural festivals. May is the best time in Austria for all the food lovers worldwide! It’s the month of the Genussfestival Food Fair, and it’s the largest food and drink event. Also, the Salzburg Whitsun Festival and design month in Garz are quite popular among the locals and has the perfect essence of Austrian culture.

Austria in Summer (June - August)

The summer months of June-August is the peak time for tourists in Austria. June is, however, the wettest month in the country. So, you might need to pack some waterproof gears for yourself if you are travelling during this time. You can be a part of the Vienna Life Ball in June and experience the largest money-raising event worldwide for AIDS patients. This is also the month of Midsummer Night Celebration in Austria where there’s a bonfire; folkloric events are best experienced in places like Wachau and Danube regions in Austria.

In July, it’s comfortably sunny in Austria and best for holidaying too. It’s also a great time to visit rural Austria. The beauty of the countryside is something which will be etched in your memories forever. The lakeside cabins are perfect for hikers and water sport enthusiasts. August is the time of scorching summer in Austria; hence, it’s best for swimming and hiking. The Bregenz Summer Festival also takes place during August, and you can be a part of this fantastic event where a floating stage is erected on the stunning Lake Constance.

Austria in Fall (September - November)

September and October are again a great time to visit Austria. The temperature isn’t warm and not cold. It’s perfect for venturing out in the happening places. Experience the best of Vienna’s wine culture with Heuriger (read, this year’s wine) and visit some of the most magnificent vineyards in the country. In October, the parks become beautifully golden with the fallen leaves. Rural Austria is magnificently picturesque, and you can have a great time hiking at the nearby mountains.

Viennale, the spectacular film festival, and the ‘long night of museums’ will surely keep you occupied throughout your stay during this time in the country. November is the ball season in Austria. It’s the most famous tradition in all of Austria where the locals come together in different balls and have a great time dancing and sipping wines. The Philharmonic ball and the Bonbon ball is quite famous among the residents. The former is usually for the conservative ones, while the latter is for the more contemporary ones.

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