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Gurugram is emerging to be the next happening thing in the national capital region owing to its ambiance, aura and vibrant atmosphere. There are a number of exciting things to do in Gurugram from visiting the amusement parks, to surreal Damdama Lake and the heritage Farrukh Nagar Forts. You can go all out and have a raging night of fun at the breweries, or relax in the umpteen pristine parks, or browse the local markets, even try ice skating; all in all there is no dearth of exciting activities and things to do in Gurugram. We have compiled an elaborate list of top things to do in Gurugram, given below. Have a look!

Here is the list of 30 Things to Do in Gurugram for a Fulfilling Metro City Experience

1. Attend a Show at Kingdom Of Dreams

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The Kingdom of Dreams or KOD is India's first live entertainment, leisure and theatre destination. Located in sector 29, Gurugram, it offers a taste of contemporary and modern India with the mix of a technological masterpiece. Culture Gully, India's first-ever skydome has stalls capturing the culture of fourteen different states with local fine arts, cuisines and street arts. With two international standard theatres and advanced state-of-art technology, it promises to take you on a mystical and an unforgettable journey of diverse culture, lifestyle and traditions of different parts of India. Visiting this iconic attraction is one of the topmost things to do in Gurugram.

2. Wine and Dine at Cyber Hub

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The Cyber Hub is primarily a food cum entertainment area located in Gurugram, in proximity to the national capital state of Delhi. This high-end venue is dominated by leading restaurants and also has a few shops located here. Some of the best bars cum restaurants that the city boasts of, such as Frazier Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe and Imperfecto can be found here. There is also a gaming area, wherein you can enjoy fantastic indoor games with your near and dear ones. The Cyber Hub is one place that you definitely cannot miss out on your next visit, to experience fun, food and leisure all rolled into one. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in Gurugram.

3. Birdwatching at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

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Being one of the many weekend getaways from Delhi, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary witness a lot of footfall especially from the people of neighbouring areas of Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida and Delhi. It is home to a myriad of migratory birds and is a great spot for bird watching, especially during winters. It is situated at a distance of 40 kilometres from Dhaula-Kuan in Delhi on the Gurugram-Farukh Nagar Road. During winters, one can experience an excellent picturesque panorama of various species of birds. This sanctuary is undoubtedly a paradise for the bird watchers and visiting here is one of the most exciting things to do in Gurugram.

4. Visit the Famous Sector 29

Sector 29 is one of the most hip and happening places in Gurugram. Replete with a number of restaurants, cafes and pubs, the place stays especially alive at night. In addition to that, it has a number of bakeries where you can savour the sweet treats. Popular among ardent foodies, the plaza also has good shopping and fine dining options.

5. Try Freshly Brewed Beer in the Breweries

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If you're a beer lover, SS Brewery, Striker's Pub and The Manhattan Club are a few of the breweries which you need to try, when in Gurugram. Great music, and a variety of freshly brewed beer makes these breweries get crowd night after night. If are in or around the city, trying out these breweries is one of the topmost things to do in Gurugram.

6. Witness a Mesmerizing Sunrise at Damdama Lake

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Damdama Lake is an amoeba-shaped natural lake few kilometers south of Gurugram, off the Gurugram-Alwar road. An hour drive away from New Delhi, it has a calm, rural and peaceful vibe about it. Home to over a hundred and ninety species of native and migratory birds, water levels reach as high as fifty feet during monsoons and winters and most of the migratory birds are spotted during these seasons. Famous for mesmerising sunrise views and picnics, visiting here is one of the most fun things to do in Gurugram.

7. Spend a Funtastic Day at Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar was the first amusement park of the country, first opening its doors in 1984, commemorating the 1982 Asian Games. While it was running till 2008, it shut down temporarily and was reopened in Gurugram in 2014. Their Skyfall is the tallest ride in India, and along with rides like OMG (Oh My Gurugram), Rapid Racer, Typhoon Tunnel and Lazy and Crazy River, you are sure to experience some real thunder! You can also have a feel of an actual beach while lazying on the loungers put up next to the wave pool or even avail of privacy while enjoying the activities of the park in your personal cabana. Visiting here is one of the top things to do in Gurugram

8. Ice Skating at the Ambience Mall

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Finding a perfect place to spend time with your family and friends? Ambience Mall in Gurugram is one! Situated at Delhi Gurugram Border on the NH8, the mall has a total of 6 floors, with three basement levels for Car parking. It houses retail stores of famous international and designer Indian brands. Apart from being a shopping paradise, the place also has iSkate which is an ice skating rink and a cafe lounge. Skating in the snowy floors here is one of the best things to do in Gurugram.

9. Take a Tour of the Vintage Car Museum

Vintage Car Museum was established to explore the history of transportation in India. It exhibits a stunning collection of actual pre-mechanised and mechanised transportation including automobiles, railways, aircraft, etc. Technology buffs, especially those interested in the history of transportation in India, are bound to visit the museum. The museum also partners with schools and research centres to provide material for research and documentation on the subject.

10. Browse the City Markets

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Ambience Mall is definitely at the pinnacle of every shopper's list in Gurugram. However, it is not the only place to shop for high-end brands here. Galleria is another market area to shop for extravagant brands. It is located in the posh Sushant Lok 1 locality. Gurugram has within its vicinity, shopping destinations to suit every pocket. Other than the premium brands selling malls and markets, there are places like Arjun Marg, Qutub Plaza and Sadar Bazaar selling both branded and non-branded items at astonishingly good prices. These are some of the top markets to get the best value for money and attracts people from the whole NCR region.

11. Explore the Marvellous Neemrana Fort Palace

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The 15th-century palace, Neemrana Fort, is an epitome of immense beauty. It finds itself in the Aravalli ranges which are the oldest fold mountains in the world, 90 kms from Gurugram. Now turned into a luxury resort, the palace was once under the reign of Rajput Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III. It showcases a perplexing blend of traditional Rajasthani and modern styled interior. Since the time it had opened itself to the public, the palace has become the favourite place for weekend getaways. The Palace has earned a good reputation for its Rajasthani and French cuisines. Visiting here is one of the topmost things to do in Gurugram, without which your trip will stay incomplete.

12. Visit the Museum of Folk & Tribal Art

Founded by a renowned painter, sculptor and a historian, K.C Aryan, the Museum of Folk & Tribal Art has a splendid collection of tribal handicrafts made of iron, wood & stone, embroidered fabrics, colourful murals and terracotta objects. Some artefacts with religious importance are also displayed at the museum. The complete collection gives a sneak peek into the culture and art of the tribal regions of Gurugram.

13. Have a Meal at Prego- The Westin

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Prego t the Westin Hotel offers a great deal on a fixed (although flexible) menu + unlimited drinks. The food is exceptional with some of the best cured meats and bread you can taste. Their drinks included in the menu are pretty good. They have a very good DOCG Italian red wines which goes well with the food. But the icing on the cake is the service which is truly exceptional.

14. Explore the MGF Mall

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With top-notch brands and enticing eateries, MGF Mall in Gurugram is a paradise for people looking forward to chilling a little. It is located just next to the MG Road metro station and hence is an easily accessible mall for metro commuters. Apart from some good food joints and an exceptional variety of fashion brand outlets it also has a movie theatre for you to grab your seats and watch the new releases. People living nearby have made the mall a permanent weekend spot.

15. Admire the Relics at Museo Camera

Located in the urban alleys of DLF Phase 3 in Gurugram, Museo Camera is a unique vintage cameras museum showcasing analogue still and video cameras, over a century old. The eccentric repository is a private venture and the brainchild of the Indian photographer Aditya Arya. At this age and time, when all of our lives are revolving around social media and Instagram news feed, the museum is a perfect representation of our digital lifestyles. Located in the India Photo Archive's headquarters in Gurugram, the gallery boasts of a humungous collection of over 1500 cameras ranging in time-period between the 1880s to the 1990s.

16. Try Yummy-licious Parathas at Murthal

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A place that is known for its Parathas, lives for the Parathas and offers nothing but Parathas, Murthal, situated on National Highway 1 connecting Delhi to Amritsar, is a step away from being the Paratha capital of India. A large village in the Sonepat district of Haryana, Murthal has become synonymous to the go to destination to have some of the most mouthwatering Parathas in the world. Established by a few people in order to serve as an eating junction for the truck drivers, its dhabas soon gained popularity and found themselves on a list of favorites of the capital's youth. If you are a foodie or even if you aren't, tasting the delicious parathas at Murthal is one of the top things to do in Gurugram.

17. Seek Blessings at Mata Sheetala Devi Temple

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Mata Sheetala is a Hindu goddess widely worshipped in North India, West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan as the pox-goddess. She is the Goddess of sores, ghouls, pustules and diseases in Hindu mythology. The temple is popular for its festival in the Chaitra month of Hindu calendar i.e. between March and April. Apart from the pilgrims, the temple is popular among the tourists as well and paying a visit here is one of the top things to do in Gurugram.

18. Fun and Games at 32nd Milestone

Situated in Sector 15 in Gurugram, 32nd Milestone is a wonderful and vibrant amusement park boasting of a plethora of thrilling fun and games activities like bungee-jumping, bull riding, discotheques, go-karting etc. The park also offers an array of domestic and international cuisines.

19. Spend a Ravishing Night at Striker Pub & Brewery

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Striker is one of the super breweries and pubs to open up in the last couple of years in and around Gurugram. They make pretty decent beer especially their light and wheat beer. It is one of the few places that play good live music as well. This place is packed practically all week and its best to visit early or late if you don't want to wait too long for a table. The atmosphere on weekends is electrifying and if you like good music, this is a great place to hang out. Striker certainly strikes its target clientele with bang-on! Known for its perfect ambiance, visiting this place is one of the prime things to do in Gurugram, both for the city dwellers and the tourists.

20. Visit the Rustic Town of Sohna

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Also known as the Greater Gurugram or Southern Gurugram, Sohna is a municipal district in the Gurugram district of Haryana. The town derives its name from the word "sona" (Gold) coloured dust that is found in the area, especially after heavy rainfall. Set at the foot of Aravalli hills, the place is surrounded by hilly terrain. It is becoming a popular weekend getaway spot for families and couples because of its medicinal water spring, Shiva temple, and picnic-worthy Damdama lake.

21. Visit the Very Charming NeverEnuf Garden Railway

NeverEnuf Garden Railway is an enchanting infotainment park with miniatures of all sorts including boats, trains, buildings and landscapes. Some of these models are controlled with the help of a remote and add an interactive touch to the display. The park also has lawns and gardens where one can take a long relaxing stroll and feel rejuvenated.

22. Relax and Unwind at Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park

Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park is mostly used for recreational purposes. It has a walkway used most for morning or evening walks and jogs. Most areas of the two-acre park are decently maintained green patches including a rose garden with colourful and fragrant roses. The greenery attracts birds to some extent too, hence, it is quite preferred by bird watchers as well. Spending a breezy evening in the park is one of the prime things to do in Gurugram for both the city folks and tourists.

23. Explore the Magnificent Qutub Khan's Tomb

Qutub Khan's Tomb is an 18th century structure built in the memory of Adam Khan who served as a general to Emperor Akbar. The tomb has a unique octagonal structure and is an illustration of Mughal architecture. In 1830, Blake, a British Officer chose to reside at the location and removed all the graves. The tomb was later restored by Lord Curzon after Blake's death. Taking a tour of the magnificent tomb is one of the prime things to do in Gurugram.

24. Marvel at the Architecture of Pataudi Palace

Pataudi Palace, also known as Ibrahim Kothi, belongs to the Pataudi Royal Family. It was built by Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan in 1935 who appointed a famous architect, Robert Tor Russel to design the palace in the style of the colonial mansions found in Delhi. The entire property spreads over an area of 25 acres and has beautiful gardens, lawns and fountains that add to the beauty of the stunning palace. Known for its beautiful architecture, a visit to the palace is among the topmost things to do in Gurugram.

25. Visit the Ancient Farrukh Nagar Fort

Farrukh Nagar Fort was established in 1732 by Faujdar Khan who served as a Governor to Emperor Farrukhsiyar. Located 20 kms away from Gurugram, it is among the list of top tourist attractions and best things to do in Gurugram. Boasting of an octagonal structure, it is built in the traditional Mughal style of architecture with marble trimmings and is adorned with paintings.

26. Revitalize at Leisure Valley Park

Leisure Valley Park is a pleasant green patch maintained amidst the concrete jungle. The park spreads over a square kilometres space and has a jogging park, a garden, musical fountains and a restaurant that make it an apt recreational park. Evenings are a special treat when the fountains are lit with bright lights and the water sprays to the tune of soft mesmerising music.

27. Get a Taste of the Rural Vibe Lohagarh Farms

Lohagarh Farms were established to create self-sustaining rural communities and create opportunities for employment. The attraction also serves as a platform for village artists to exhibit and sell their art and handicraft. One can participate in activities like farming, pottery, trekking, etc. to get closer to nature. The farms offer activities and accommodations away from the urban life for one to connect with the basics of human nature. Visiting the farm is one of the most exciting things to do in Gurugram.

28. Natural Retreat at Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Expanding over 1.54 square kilometres, Aravalli Biodiversity Park was established to ecologically restore and preserve the vegetation on the desert and arid land areas in the region. It was opened on the occasion of World Environment Day in June 2010, after a Supreme Court Ban was implemented on stone mining in the region. The biodiversity park has about 160 plant species, over 170 species of birds and animals. If you are a nature enthusiast, be sure to include this place in your list of things to do in Gurugram.

29. Take a Tour to Manesar

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Manesar is a developing industrial center in the suburbs of the nation_ã_s capital and is fast turning into a great destination to experience the rugged rural life. The place is famous for its rustic life, its views of the wonderful Aravali Hills and its farm tourism is considered to be a must-stop from Gurugram There are a few resorts in Manesar which offer a rural Haryanvi experience. Based on a concept similar to that of Choki Dhani of Jaipur, these resorts offer different activities for an entire day and campfires by the night. Overall, Manesar gives the people of Gurugram an interesting rural offbeat experience and a good change from the usual city life.

30. Stay at Tikli Bottom

Tikli Bottom is a private guest house that offers a feel of living on a hill station. The attraction is basically a Haveli with four bedrooms, beautifully maintained garden with trees and a swimming pool. From the location, one can get a magnificent view of the Aravalli hills that surround the property. They also provide facilities to make their guests feel comfortable and ensure a memorable stay.

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