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Sohna, Gurgaon Overview

Also known as the Greater Gurugram or Southern Gurugram, Sohna is a municipal district in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. The town derives its name from the word "sona" (Gold) coloured dust that is found in the area, especially after heavy rainfall. Set at the foot of Aravalli hills, the place is surrounded by hilly terrain. It is becoming a popular weekend getaway spot for families and couples because of its medicinal water spring, Shiva temple, and picnic-worthy Damdama lake.

The lush green landscape and the peace and serenity of Sohna is a complete contrast from the chaotic city life of Delhi and Gurgaon, making it a perfect retreat offering a relaxing weekend. Sohna is also famous as the site of the annual vintage car rally held every year during February.

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Damdama Lake
Set in the foothills of Aravali ranges, Damdama lake is the perfect place to visit if you want to indulge in boating and picnic in a picturesque landscape. Lush green beauty sprinkled all around is truly a sight for sore eyes. Provisions for a motor boat, row boat or paddle boat are available here at a very reasonable price. Apart from that, you can also try your hand at rock climbing the low hills around the lake, zorbing in the lake and several other adventure sports. The pristine lake is maintained by the tourism department of Haryana government and also has little restaurants and eateries for visitors.

Sohna Lake and Water Springs
Sohna is popular for it sulphur spring that has water with medicinal properties. It is scientifically developed into a strong disinfectant that can cure skin diseases. It is situated at the footsteps of a rock and has been modernized with a mini swimming pool, a spa and a sauna complex. The water temperature varies from 46°C to 51.7 °C. If legends are to be believed, this spring was dug by the mythological Arjuna, one of the five panda brothers, when he was very thirsty. During the lunar and solar eclipse, a horde of devotees visits this lake to have themselves cleansed of all sins.

Adventure Camp
Tucked away in a distant part of the small town, the Sohna adventure camp offers its visitors an exciting life of camping, trekking and rock climbing. The camp also has a rope course, paintball area and mountain rappelling, making it a popular site for corporate getaways. Living in the temporary tents gives the feeling of living at a hill station just a few hours away from the national capital. Foods and snacks available at the nearby eateries are also very delicious.

Sohna Hill Fort
The Sohna Hill fort or the Bharatpur Hill Fort is a semi-finished fort on the Aravalli ranges. It was built by the king of Bharatpur State between 1700 and 1857. Demolished and rebuilt several times, they relics ruined the remainder of the legacy of the erstwhile princely Bharatpur state. The fort is the best place to spend a quite lonely evenings.

Shiva Temple
This famous Shiva temple in Sohna is around 100 years old and was built by Raja of Gwalior. An ancient Kund (water tank) called "Baba Sakhamjati Maharaj" is also situated near the temple. Every year during the month of November the temple becomes the site for the famous Ganga snan fair. Another fair during teej is also organised here between July and August.

Sohna Car Rally
The vintage car rally is organised in February every year since 1974. Held at a beautiful place at the Delhi Alwar highway, this car rally starts from Delhi, passes Gurgaon and finally ends in Sohna. Car enthusiasts from all over the world gather at Sohana to see cars like Austins, Fords and Rolls Royce, rallying with all the might.

It's best to visit during the spring months of February to April and during the post-monsoon months of September to December. Winter and summer are frigid and hot in this region so avoid going at that time.

1. If you are a car enthusiast, try to go during the vintage car rally and enjoy those beautiful cars being driven past you.
2. Pack a picnic lunch for Damdama lake and enjoy the peace of the atmosphere there with your loved ones.
3. Damdama lake also offers a picturesque landscape so don't forget to take your camera.
4. Bookings for spa and sauna at Sohna water springs has to be done beforehand.

Public transport connects Sohna to Gurgaon. Bus services are available from Delhi, Gurgaon and Pata. You can also take a private cab for the ride.

Indira Gandhi international airport is the nearest airbase to the town, located at a distance of 43 kms. From the airport, you can take a bus or hire a private car to Sohna. 

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