Top Places to Visit in Poland

Showing 3 Top Places to Visit in Poland

1. Warsaw, Poland


Known For : Chopin Museum | Wilanow Palace | Old Town Square

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and is a part of the Mazovia plane. The city is an amalgamation of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, in terms of its architecture.

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2. Auschwtiz, Poland


Known For : Auschwtiz Birnkenau | Oswiecim Castle | Auschwtiz Jewish Centre

Auschwtiz is a town which is present in the lesser known parts of Poland . This place is famous for the Aushwtiz concentration camp which was is a concentration camps by the Germans during second world war.

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3. Krakow, Poland


Known For : Wieliczka Salt Mine | Auchwitz-Birkenau Concentration campsś | (Zamek Kr—lewski) Royal castle

Krakow being one of the largest and oldest cities of Poland, is a perfect place for a cheap and easy weekend getaway from Germany. One can opt for the free walking tours for their old town krakow tour and it is totally worth it.

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