Islands near Bangkok

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Islands near Bangkok

Apart from the all-famous Pattaya, Bangkok has some beautiful islands everyone must visit.

Here is the list of 11 Islands near Bangkok

1. Koh Samui, Thailand - Samui Island

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763 kms from Bangkok

Known For : Wat Phra Yai Ang Thong National Marine Park Wat Khunaram

Koh Samui is an island in the Champhon Archipelago or group of islands near South Thailand. Coconut and rubber are the main exports of the island and tourist trade is the main source of revenue.

Best Time: December to May

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2. Koh Tao, Thailand - The Turtle Island

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Known For : Hin Wong Bay Koh Nang Yuang Island Viewpoint Yaai Mae and Taa Tao Spirit rocks

Koh Tao is an island in the Chumphon Archipelago group of islands in the southeastern part of Thailand. It has some of the best and cheapest diving spots in the world. On one hand, it has a proud and vibrant local culture, and on the other, has a relaxing atmosphere and an exciting night life.

Best Time: December to September

3. Koh Samet, Thailand - T-shaped island

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Known For : Scuba diving in Koh Samet Wat Ko Kaew Pitsadan Sai Kaew Beach

Pristine blue waters, colorful corals and with more than 16 white sand beaches, Koh Samet is a gorgeous T-shaped island 200 miles from Bangkok. It has become one of the most popular islands of Thailand with countless tourists and backpackers visiting.

Best Time: November to February

4. Rattanakosin Island, Bangkok

1 kms from Bangkok

Rattanakosin Island is the Old City of Bangkok, in the Phra Nakhon District. Bordered by the Chao Phraya River and located north of Chinatown, this island is home to historic landmarks like the Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew and the Wat Pho, marking the trajectory of Thai Royal and National History. The rich heritage and cultural sites of the Island make it a perfect location for all those wishing to experience Thai traditions and culture.

5. Koh Kood, Thailand

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Known For : Scuba Diving in Koh Kood Waterfalls in Koh Kood

Koh Kood, also called Koh Kut, is the most stunning island in the whole of Thailand. It is mainly covered by jungle, has a mountainous terrain, and gorgeous white-sand beaches with pristine blue waters.

Best Time: November to March

6. Similan Islands, Thailand - It's what's beneath the waves

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Known For : Diving and Snorkelling

Similan is an archipelago of 9 small islands which has Malay roots. The Similan islands national park is a UNESCO World heritage site. These are one of Thailand's most stunning places with beautiful marine life underwater and also great birds in the air. There are splendidly pictursque white sand beaches with pristine blue waters. The islands also have many hiking trails for the adventurous soul.

Best Time: November to April

7. Phuket, Thailand

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841 kms from Bangkok

Known For : Phi Phi Islands Bangla Road Patong Beach

Pristine beaches, clean air, bounty of nature and cheap getaway do complete justice to the beautiful tourist spot in Thailand called Phuket. Add to it a lot of adventure, tranquility and heartfelt hospitality, the island located in southern Thailand is one of an ideal beach destination in Asia.

Best Time: November to February end

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8. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand - Island Paradise for the Beach Lover

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Known For : Phi Phi Viewpoint Koh Phi Phi Leh Bamboo Island

Phi Phi consists of a group of six islands. Only 40 km away from Phuket, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh are the two most famous islands of the six. With their pristine waters and vibrant parties, these islands are a wonderful way to spend a few days in Thailand.

Best Time: Throughout the year

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9. Koh Lipe, Thailand - The Paper Island

3.4 /5

Known For : Diving in Koh Lipe Trash Hero

Koh Lipe is one of the islands of the Tarutao Marine National Park. Initially, this island was predominatly settled by the Chao Ley, or the sea gypsies who live in small villages here. Tourism has increased in Koh Lipe since the 1990s, and hasn't seen a pause ever since. The vast reefs and gorgeous white sand beaches don't fail to attract anyone.

Best Time: November to March

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10. Koh Chang, Thailand - The Elephant Island.

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348 kms from Bangkok

Known For : Diving and Snorkeling Elephant Trekking Koh Chang waterfalls

Koh Chang is one of the most beautiful islands of Thailand with pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, great for snorkeling and diving. There are also some breath taking mountains and jungles where hiking is very popular. All in all, Koh Chang is an idyllic destination for a backpacker looking for adventure and parties in equal amounts.

Best Time: November to March

11. Koh Larn, Pattaya

Coral Island, or Koh Larn, is a gorgeous island situated at a distance of around 7 Km off the coast of Pattaya Beach. With the Bay of Bangkok present on the northeastern end and Gulf of Siam on the western side, Koh Larn is synonymous to paradise on earth and is a must–visit place during your trip to Pattaya.

How many of these islands have you visited? Let us know in the comments below.

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