Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh To Beat The Summer Heat

Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh

Hill stations in Andhra Pradesh experience a surge in tourists to escape the scorching summer heat in the state. There are fortunately a number of hill stations in Andhra Pradesh to cater to every ki (Read More)nd of holiday from the quaint Horsley hills to the splendid Araku valley.

Here is the list of 9 Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh To Beat The Summer Heat

1. Araku Valley

Araku Valley

A hill station in Andhra Pradesh located close to Vizag is the Araku Valley. Naturally been bestowed upon with beautiful streams, enchanting waterfalls and lovely weather, Araku valley is placed at a height of 3100 feet in the effluent hills of Anatagiri.

2. Horsley Hills - Quaint hill station in Andhra Pradesh

Horsley Hills - Quaint hill station in Andhra Pradesh
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Nicknamed 'Andhra Ooty', this hill station located near Madanapalle town, is one of the three hill stations in Andhra Pradesh. With its peaks kissing the clear blue sky, a panoramic view of the virgin green cover, sweet chirpings of the birds, colourful flora on the pathways, this place is surely going to take your breath away.

3. Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills
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Known For : The Borra Hills and Caves Araku Tribal Museum Musi River

Set amid the Eastern Ghats, Ananthagiri is a beautiful retreat where majestic hills in the backdrop flirt with clouds all the time. The place also offers some of the best trekking trails and thus serves as a trekker's paradise. Breathtakingly gorgeous and absolutely scintillating, the town oozes out charm mixed with the whiff of coffee aroma and beauty of exotic flora. With romanticism in every aspect of the region, it is a perfect hill station in Andhra Pradesh for honeymooners as well as family vacationers.

Best Time: October to March

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4. Papi Kondalu - Hill station in Andhra Pradesh along River Godavari

Papi Kondalu - Hill station in Andhra Pradesh along River Godavari
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Known For : Papi Kondalu Hills Gandi Pochamma Temple Perantapalli Village

Papikondalu mountain range runs along the River Godavari (Western Godavari) and is located in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Papikondalu is a sheer fest to the eyes in terms of its scenic beauty. As the hills become closer and closer to the visitor, the width of the mighty Godavari becomes narrower. In accordance with this view resembling the middle partition of a woman's hair, it was initially named as 'Papidi' Kondalu- Paidi in Telugu means the middle partition of a woman’s hair. Later, it came to be known as Papikondalu in the local language. The river narrowing, its twists and turns along with the Papi Hills form a breathtaking visual experience.

Best Time: October to March

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5. Lambasingi, Visakhapatnam

Lambasingi, Visakhapatnam

Fondly called the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’, Lambasingi is a quaint hamlet nestled in Chintapalli Mandal in the richly forested Arakku Valley at an elevation of 1025 m above the sea level. On of the best kept secrets of Andhra Pradesh, the dainty village is known for its majestic hills, apple orchards and panoramic views of the adjoining valleys. Also known as Korra Bayalu, the village is the only place in all of South India that experiences snowfall as the temperatures drop significantly. Besides abundant natural beauty and the gorgeous views if the towering hills and meandering rivers, the village also offers a plethora of adventure activities that you can try your hand at. So if you are looking for chilling temperature, pale mists, colourful gardens and prolific natural beauty, you know where to head to.

6. Adilabad

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Known For : Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary Kunthala Waterfalls Pochera Waterfalls

Alive with every sound of the gurgling waterfalls, gentle cool breeze and abuzz with vibrant culture, Adilabad is a small town in the state of Telangana. The town is blessed with a very colorful past and today it witnesses a wonderful fusion of various cultures and traditions.

Best Time: November to March

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7. Maredumilli, Rajahamundry

Maredumilli, Rajahamundry
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One of country's finest eco-tourism projects, Maredumilli is a place of wildlife, nature and of tribal people who are out to win your heart with their hospitality. Maredumilli is a forest area conserved and developed by the tribals who have habituated the lands for generations. Fed by the waters of the Godavari River, the semi-evergreen forests of the village make it a wonderful place to have some adventure in the wild and immerse oneself with nature.

8. Nagalapuram, Tirupati

Nagalapuram, Tirupati

Hidden like a jewel behind the lush green forests of Andhra Pradesh lies a serene and tranquil place named Nagalapuram. Surrounded by majestic hills and gurgling waterfalls, this place is ideal to take a break from the buzzing city life and spend some peaceful days amidst soft breezes, flourishing trees and gushing waterfalls. Famously also known as Nagala Hills, this hill station in Andhra Pradesh is the place to pump up your adrenaline with the various adventurous activities proffered in this scenic village.

9. Silathoranam, Tirupati

Silathoranam, Tirupati
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One of the natural marvels that history left behind, the Silathoranam, now, finds itself being an important landmark in archaeology and heritage. This is a natural rock formation, one of the only three of this kind in the world.

Which of these hill stations in Andhra Pradesh will you pick to escape the summer heat?

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