Waterfalls in Araku Valley


Waterfalls in Araku Valley

Well-known as Ooty of Andhra Pradesh, Araku Valley is a scenic hill station in Visakhapatnam district. Surrounded by lush greenery everywhere, this beautiful hill is blessed with mesmerizing natural (Read More)waterfalls in and around. Visiting these alluring waterfalls in Araku valley will surely make up for a perfect weekend getaway.

Here is the list of 6 Waterfalls in Araku Valley

1. Katiki Waterfalls, Visakhapatnam

Katiki Waterfalls, Visakhapatnam
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Katiki Falls originates from River Gosthani about 90 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. The waterfall is located near the Borra Caves and is a famous attraction for picnickers and nature lovers. The natural landscape surrounding the waterfall is lush green and goes through an uneven path that adds an element of adventure to the visitors trekking their way to the waterfall. It is, therefore, an ideal attraction for beginner to intermediate level trekkers. There are several food kiosks on the way that serve snacks and beverages especially Bamboo Chicken and fresh Coconut Water. Taking a pit stop for a bite before proceeding won't be disappointing.

2. Tatiguda Waterfall

Tatiguda Waterfall

Located around 3 kilometers from the Borra caves along the Vizag-Araku main road, Tatituga Waterfall in Ananthagiri village is an integral part of the Gosthani River. At an altitude of 3100 feet, the perennial fall is gradually gaining popularity as the water is cascading throughout the year and the lush blooming vegetation creates a serene surrounding. The water comes down in several steps of colossal rocks and taking a plunge is refreshing. Enter the village road on the left side from Anantagiri market and walk for 2 kilometers after paying a parking fee of INR 15 to reach the site. 

3. Chaparai Water Cascade

Chaparai Water Cascade

En route to Paderu from Araku Valley, the Dumbriguda Waterfall or Chaparai waterfall is around 15 kilometers away and to reach here you need to hire any auto-rickshaw or taxi or drive your own car. A popular picnic spot, Chaparai waterfall is flanked by dense forest and the vista of the incessant streams trickling down large rock formations is blissful, especially as you slide down the smooth rocks like a water slide. The entry fee is INR 10. Swimming is enjoyable, but not in heavy currents during monsoon.     

4. Dharagadda Waterfalls

Dharagadda Waterfalls

Known popularly as Aluru Waterfalls or Aluru Kona Waterfalls, the Dharagadda waterfalls are located near the Kesali village. While visiting the Peddaged reservoir near the Vegavathi River, this lesser known natural waterfall can enthrall you with the crystal clear water flowing through the rocky bed. If you wish to gain some religious fervor, check out the Aluru Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple located on a hilltop.      

5. Kollaput Jala Tarangini

Kollaput Jala Tarangini

Placid water streaming down the slope and the silence of the verdant woods make the Kollaput Jala Tarangini a charming sight to behold. As the water flow depends on the rains, you would hardly find any stream or fall during winter or harsh summer season. Overlooking the Eastern Ghats, the surrounding area can be a great picnic spot and you can pitch a tent on the picnic spot for overnight stay. Interact with the indigenous people from the adjacent tribal village and homemade food will be provided by the villagers at nominal cost.     

6. Kothapalli Waterfalls

Kothapalli Waterfalls

Open from 8 AM till 7 PM, Kothapalli Waterfalls is around a hundred kilometres away from Vizag main town. To the south of the falls, there is Chintapalle Mandal, to the east are Madugula Mandal and Paderu Mandal and to the north is Venus Bayalu Mandal. Nestled at the Gangaraju Madugula on the southeastern coast, the falls and the route have no modern infrastructure. Quite recently discovered by Vanthala Abbi, a local village kid, the falls near Paderu is gaining popularity now.    

What else could be a better choice other than these splendid waterfalls for a chilled-out short trip? Which waterfall in Araku Valley are you visiting this weekend? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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