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Forts in Ajmer

The numerous forts in Ajmer reverberate with the splendour and grandeur of the bygone era, boasting of impeccable architecture, sturdy fortifications and beautiful designing. Rajasthan is known to be (Read More) synonymous with superb architecture, splendid palaces and magnificent forts; and Ajmer lying in the heart of the state is no exception to the rule. Besides, these majestic forts stand testimony to the rich heritage and glorious past of the city. The city is also a popular pilgrimage spot for both Hindus and Muslims and experiences a large tourist influx all through the year. For the same reason, these forts in Ajmer are flocked by tourists coming here to pay their homage in the shrine. So whenever you are in or around Ajmer, make sure you visit their magnificent forts and be a part of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city. Check our list of the forts in Ajmer, below!

Here is the list of 9 Royal Forts in Ajmer for a Historical Retreat

1. Amber Fort

Amber Fort
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Amber Fort, situated 150 kms from Ajmer, is a fort built with a great artistic taste. Cradled on the top of a hill forming a beautiful reflection in Maotha Lake, it is popularly known as Amer Fort. This fort in Ajmer is big enough that it will take you at least two to three hours to explore it in detail, and you can also choose to avail of the audio guides to lead you through this fascinating building while explaining the history of the place. 

Timings: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Light Show timings: English: 7:30 PM, Hindi: 8:00 PM Entry Fee: Indian National: INR 25,
Students: INR 10,
Foreign Nationals: INR 200
Elephant Ride for two at Amer Palace: INR 900

2. Taragarh Fort, Bundi

Taragarh Fort, Bundi
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The most significant of the tourist attractions here is this fort in Ajmer built somewhere in the 16th century. It is included amongst the most famous ones in Rajasthan for its intricate structures and a highly-regarded painting gallery (from here originated the Bundi style of mural painting).

3. Roopangarh Fort

Roopangarh Fort
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A palace and former fortress in the town of Roopangarh, Roopangarh fort has an imperial monument with a grand exterior and vivacious interiors. The nineteen large rooms of this beautifully renovated and restored fort in Ajmer have been exquisitely decorated to create the royal ambience for the visitors. You may just go and explore the beauty of this war-fort while the fort is open for you to enjoy a royal stay at the heritage turned hotel in the land of kings.

4. Akbari Fort

Akbari Fort

Akbari Fort & Museum is situated on the Museum Road in Naya Bazar, Ajmer. Boasting of striking architecture - a blend of Mughal and Rajputana styles, this fort in Ajmer was built by the emperor Akbar, it was once the residence of Prince Salim.

5. Akbar's Palace and Museum

Akbar's Palace and Museum
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Akbar's palace, constructed in 1500AD as the place where he and his troops stayed in at Ajmer, lies in the centre of the town and is a major tourist magnet.

6. Fort Masuda

Fort Masuda

Fort Masuda is situated 54 kms away from Ajmer in Masuda. The fort was originally built around 1595 AD but it deteriorated fast and was in ruins very soon after. It was later restored and renovated by Nar Singhji Mertia (1583-1623). The magnificent fort in Ajmer now stands tall and has multiple compartments like the Kaanch Mahal, Bada Mahal, Chandra Mahal etc.

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7. Bijay Niwas Palace

Bijay Niwas Palace

Bijay Niwas Palace was built by Rao Bijay Singh, almost 100 years ago, at the same time when he founded Bijaynagar. This ancient fort in Ajmer has been now converted into a luxury heritage hotel with 20 rooms. Situated at 70 kms from Ajmer, the fort is frequented by the young and adults alike.

8. Kishangarh Fort

Kishangarh Fort
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Kishangarh Fort was built in 1649 by Maharaja Roop Singh. It is a blend of Rajput and Mughal styles of architecture and boasts of enormous fortifications, jails, granaries, armouries etc. It is the only place in the world with a temple of nine planets. Khoda Ganesh Ji temple, Kishangarh fort, Phool Mahal Palace and Gondulav Lake are some of the major attractions of the city.

9. Government Museum/ Daulat Khana

Government Museum/ Daulat Khana

Housed in the premises of the ancient 16th century Akbar's Fort in Ajmer, Government Museum, also known as Daulat Khana, boasts of a vast collection of historical artefacts, exhibits, sculptures, miniature paintings and the like. The museum has been divided into several sections- art, archaeology, armoury, crafts, history, miscellaneous etc.

Which of these forts in Ajmer have you visited? Let us know in the comments below!

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