Famous & Local Food of Odisha

Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, has food which is somewhat simple in taste and style and is similar to the cuisines of the areas around it with regard to its styles, elements, preparations and flavours. Rice, Coconut and Curd are the staple items of the platters here.

You will find several versions of the food made in Odisha making the platter rich, colourful and delicious. The food is mostly vegetarian, but several areas have abundant seafood added to their staple meals. The food here is prepared without using any oil and is hence considered to be quite natural and healthy. The favorite delicacies of Oriya cuisine include Pakhala (a preparation of rice), Dali, Mandia Jau, Dahi Baigana, Dahi Machha, Dahi Bhindi (fried eggplant, fried fish, fried ladyfinger dipped in spicy yoghurt sauce), Khatta, Aloodum, Chungdi Malai, Baddi Chura as well as beverages like Bel Pana, Nabata Pana, both prepared with seasonal fruits. Other than these, the essentials in sweets are a variety of Pithas, Dahi Badi, Rasgulla, Chhenapodapitha, Gulab Jamun and lots more. Also, while in Orissa, do not miss the Mahaprasad of Jagannath Temple, which houses the most substantial kitchen in the world, and the grandeur of its servings add another dimension to Orissa's cuisine. The food offered in temples as 'Prasad' is often locally known as Abadha.

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