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Famous & Local Food of Andhra Pradesh

Seemandhra cuisine is dominated by Telugu cuisine but borrows heavily from the different cultures that have been a part of this state for centuries now. The local cuisine is said to be the richest and one of the spiciest cuisines in the world.

Food prepared here is laced heavily with a unique blend of spices coupled with different varieties of bread that are equipped with ancient bread making techniques. This not only makes this cuisine delicious but also gives it a very distinct identity from the other cuisines in India. Even today, rich winemaking traditions are seen in the Taati Kallu and Etha Kallu produced by the region. Infusion of Telugu spices cooked in the over hearth tradition of Persian cooking resulted in the famous Hyderabadi Biryani that makes the mouth water just by the sound of it. Rasam (clear soup), Podi (dal infused with rice and ghee), Vepudu(crispy fried vegetables) are some of the dishes that are cooked regularly. Most of the recipes are fried with a lot of oil and ghee and peppered with tangy spices.

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