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"The Archipelago of Music, Art and Natural Beauty"

Caribbean Region Tourism

Nestled between South and North America, Caribbean Region of the world comprises of Caribbean Sea and more than 7,000 islands, islets, cays and coral reefs. Each member offering something unique, the region is renowned for its raw beauty and wild nature featuring white sandy beaches, swaying palms, enchanting sunset and sunrise with local Caribbean beats stringing in the background. Relaxed surroundings, coolers nights, exotic rum cocktails and diversity of cultures will leave you in complete awe.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Natural beauty. Local Music. Delicious food. Exotic islands. Amazing beaches. Water sports. Vibrant and colourful carnivals. Relaxed and serene surroundings. Diverse culture.

What's Not So Great?

Mosquitoes. Crime rate on some islands. Very expensive. Some places unsafe for solo woman travellers.

For Whom?

Nature buffs. People who love art. For those who wants to groove along the Caribbean music. Those who seek tranquillity. Adventure and water sport lovers.

Details of Caribbean Region

About places in Caribbean Region

The Caribbean is an archipelago comprising of myriad of islands, divided into groups, each group incorporates number of charming islands. The region is mainly divided into three groups namely: Lucayan Archipelago, Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles. Where the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico) offers the largest countries and the most visited by travellers the Lesser Antilles (Leeward Island, Windward Islands and ABC Islands) is group of smaller islands to the east less visited but full of natural beauty. However, Lucayan Archipelago in the north (Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands) is quite popular among visitors. Overall, the region is dotted with 26 countries known for their unique cultures, tropical climate, and extreme biodiversity.

Stay Option in Caribbean Region

The Caribbean offers an extremely wide range of options for accommodation. One can opt for a mid-budget hotel to luxurious one, beachfront property, all-inclusive complexes and even the plantation inns. There many small guesthouses and cheap hotels at smaller islands that are usually not featured by any tour operator. At some islands, it is also possible to stay at localÕs homes. Renting a villa or an apartment is also an option. Hostels and campgrounds are not very common in Caribbean but can be found at some particular islands. Overall, make note that this region is quite an expensive part of the world.

Food in Caribbean Region

The food and cuisine of each island is different and unique exactly like the past of the Caribbean. However, plantains, beans, rice, sweet potato, pork, beef, coconut, chicken, fish, sugar cane, cocoa, and fresh tropical fruits are the common major part of the cuisine. Some of the popular dishes of the region include stew beans, roasted pork shoulder, rice pudding, stew chicken with potato salad and fry fish with Cole slaw. Beer, fruit wine, and rum serve as the main beverages in the region along with plenty of fancy Caribbean cocktails.

Culture, Religion & Language of Caribbean Region

Caribbean culture is a beautiful fusion of many cultures and greatly influenced by the European colonization and the African heritage of slaves. Unique to each individual island, artistic expressing, dancing and singing are part of each one. Christianity is the major religion in the Caribbean followed by majority of people. Apart from that, locals of the region also practice Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Chinese folk religion, BahaÕi, Jainism, Sikhism, Traditional African religions, Zoroastrianism and many others. Spanish, English and French are the main official languages followed by Portuguese, Dutch, Haitian Creole, Antillean Creole French and Papiamento as other pre-dominant official languages of the region varying from country to country. Other than that, there are varieties of other languages spoken widely by the citizens of the islands.

Tips for visiting Caribbean Region

Tap water is not safe for drinking at some islands, so prefer bottled water. Carry your sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat, flip-flops, swimwear, and light summer clothes during summer season, as it gets extremely hot during the season. Beware, as some of the islands such as US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, even Saint Kitts and Nevis and few other have high gun crime rate. Homosexuality is not accepted at many islands and is frowned upon. However, some islands including Aruba, Bonaire, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saba, US Virgin Islands and few others are friendly islands. Lone women should beware of catcalling, whistling and other gestures made to attract attention. Avoid walking after dark or at lonely places.

Shopping in Caribbean Region

The Caribbean offers a shopping experience like no other place with variety of things to offer such as a wide range of jams and jellies, soaps, jerk seasonings, cosmetics and hot sauces. One can buy items such as jewellery made from natural amber, shells and bits of broken sea glass as souvenir. Other than that, hand-hewn pottery, island coffee, rum, and cigars are something deep West Indian culture. Aruba, Barbados, the Cayman Islands, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, St. Croix, and St. Thomas are the top Caribbean destinations to check for shopping.

Festivals in Caribbean Region

The Caribbean has one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals and carnivals around the globe. The region hosts about hundreds of carnivals, festivals and holiday celebrations throughout the year. Filled with zeal, beautiful musical beats and dances, the celebrations form an integral part of the regionÕs culture. Each island has fixed months for their carnivals that usually includes from December until August. Jonkonnu is one of the most celebrated events and is quite popular in Jamaica and the Bahamas. Apart from that, there are plenty of sport events, music fests and art fests held across the islands.

Hygiene in Caribbean Region

Tap water is not safe for drinking at some islands, so prefer bottled water. Health standards at major islands are quite high including Barbados, Cayman Islands, and Bahamas offering good health care. Make sure to carry common medicines including paracetamol, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibacterial ointment, hand sanitizer, steroid cream or cortisone and sunscreen. Dengue fever and hepatitis A are quite common on islands, so take proper required precautions and vaccinations before travelling.

Customs of Caribbean Region

The people of Caribbean usually dress casually but smartly. Comfortable clothes such as T-shirt and shorts and even a bathing suit (confined to beach) is the wardrobe most of the time. For formal setting, long pants or a dress is common, especially during dinnertime. Make sure to greet people properly when meeting for first time and treat elders with great respect. Caribbean people are direct in conversation, so be surprised with certain questions. Tipping is commonly practiced in the region as at any other tourist destination. Around 10-15% tip of given out unless, a service charge of same ration is already added to the bill. It goes same for restaurants and hotels. In case of taxis, a tip of USD 1 Ð 2 is given.