Mekong Delta

Ideal duration: 4-5 days

Mekong Delta Tourism

Mekong Delta, also known as Western Region or Southwestern Region is the region covered around Mekong River and its distributaries. The 40,500 sq km area covers 12 provinces of Vietnam and a province-level municipality Can Tho. The Delta is defined by its orchards, paddy fields and water fields and is rightly known as 'the rice bowl of Vietnam'. It produces more than a third of country's annual food in only 10 percent of land space. Other than rice, sugarcane groves, palms and fruit orchards are usual images in Mekong Delta.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Mekong Delta is not only a biologically diverse region residing many species of animals and plants but a supreme blend of rich cultures.

What's Not So Great?

Example - Pickpockets. Bag snatching.

For Whom?

Nature lovers. Culture enthusiasts.

Details of Mekong Delta

Cao Lanh: Haven for Bird Enthusiasts

Cao lanh is a small town carved from jungles and swampy marshlands and attract many bird enthusiasts. If you love wading birds and watching them sitting gives you peace, this is a place for you!

Sam Mountains: Of Pagodas and Temples

In the region of paddy fields and swampy marshlands, undulating mountains are the welcome interruptions. With Buddhist and chinese influence, the region is a sacred place for many pilgrims. There are many pagodas and temples sorrounding the hills and offer some fascinatin views.

Can Tho is a heavenly abode for food lovers

Can Tho is often nicknamed as the western capital of the 'rice basket of Vietnam'- Mekong Delta. There is a place called De Tham, which is quite popular in the region. Locally known as "food street", this place consists of all the delicacies of South Vietnam in one place. Rice is used in all ways and various scrumptous dishes are produced. Bun Nuoc Leo Soc Trang Phi Long is one place popular for fish pickles. Banh Cong and Banh Xeo are other dishes which are lip smacking and luscious in their own ways.

The Mighty Mekong River

Mekong River is a long river flowing through six countries and unifying the ethnic cultures and minorities residing in these countries. It has nine distributaries in Vietnam alone and nourishes the region well. There are a lot of boat trips and luxury cruisies that are enjoyed by the tourists in Vietnam.

About places in Mekong Delta

There are dozens of towns in Mekong Delta and many of them are worth visiting while you're in Vietnam. Nearest to Ho Chi Minh City is My Tho where pleasant boat trips can be enjoyed. Can Tho is the delta's biggest settlement with vibrant floating markets. Ben Tre is a laidback town with myriad of fruit orchards and Vinh Long is another spot for enjoying scintillating boat rides.

Food in Mekong Delta

Food in Vietnam is almost same everywhere. At least the basic ingredient of rice is pretty common and boring. Well, then it's time for you to sail to Mekong Delta to taste some delicious cuisines, exclusive to the region. Some of the famous, must try delicacies of Vietnam are Sa Dec Noodle Soup, Bot Loc Cake, Rice Papers, Gray eel catfish and coconut Mouse. Western Region of Vietnam is the heaven you've been searching for to appease your taste buds.

Culture, Religion & Language of Mekong Delta

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