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Konkan Tourism

Konkan or the Konkan Coast or Kokan, is a rugged section of land present along the Western coast of India in the south parallel to the Western Ghats. Spanning over the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, the coastlines runs for 720 kilometres over several cities. This region is called Karavali in Karnataka. The region is bounded by Arabian Sea in the West, Mayura river in the north, Gangavalli river in the south and Western Ghats in the East. The largest city of the region is Mumbai which is also the hotspot of tourism. Another popular destination is Goa which is flooded with tourists all around the year. Apart from boasting of a rich Konkani culture, the region has several ethnic groups and communities some of which are Konkanastha brahmins, Maratha, Bhandari, Goud Saraswath Brahmins, Kumbhar, Rajapur Saraswat Brahmins, Gabit, Padti, Chitpavan, vaishya vani Malvani, Aagri, Koli, Daivajna, Kudaldeshkar Brahmins, Kuruba etc.

More than anything the region boasts of beautiful and pristine beaches characterised by shimmering golden sands, clear blue waters, and lined with towering palm trees. Some of the popular ones are Saswane, Awas, Revdanda, Shrivardhan, Alibaug etc. Only one-third of the total land is cultivable which has fertile soil, the remaining is mostly rocky terrain. The ports of the region have been used for trade and commerce purposes since times immemorial and the activity continues even today. The region also has several bird sanctuaries to conserve the avifauna variety in the region. Apart from that, the area is peppered dainty fishing villages, tiny postcard beaches, and opulent ruined fortresses to lure the wanderers and travellers.

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