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Confiserie Sprüngli, Zurich Overview

Confiserie Sprüngli is the creator of the world-famous Swiss chocolate and a globally acclaimed confectionery store. Dating as early as 1836, Confiserie Sprüngli is ‘the’ place to go in Zurich to give your taste buds a treat. The trademark macaroons is a popular dish enjoyed by many visitors. Crafting everything from pastries, to authentic chocolates, truffles, pralines, and even beverages, there’s something here for everyone. Nestled in the Old Town of Zurich, surrounded by beautiful monuments and a happening plaza, Confiserie Sprüngli is a must-visit for every tourist. The store cum cafe is open all year round but the best time to visit is during Christmas to grab a taste of exclusive holiday goodies!

Confiserie Sprüngli is a family owned franchise and the headquarters branch was opened in 1859. Since then, the store has created a name for itself in the world of deserts and confectioneries. The store also offers sample tasting and visitors can try several desserts before picking what they like. Originally, the Confiserie Sprüngli was the posh hangout spot for the high class, however overtime it became a popular landmark for the entire population. Apart from deserts, visitors also enjoy the delicious sandwiches and authentic Swiss cuisine. Grab a tin packed with chocolates as you leave to enjoy these one of a kind deserts on the go. While visiting, travellers make it a point to grab the newest addition to their menu, Swiss style ice cream!

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Things to do at Confiserie Sprungli

Confiserie Sprüngli offers authentic Swiss cuisine along with European cuisine options too. It is completely vegetarian-friendly and even provides gluten-free options. The most popular dish to try here is their signature macaroons which get shipped worldwide. Visitors also indulge in the mouth-watering chocolate store, chocolate fountain, and truffles. Confiserie Sprüngli uses fresh cream and dairy in all their products, making it free from any possible preservatives. The Cru Sauvage is particularly popular with an entry line up of hours.

Apart from the tantalizing confectioneries, the Confiserie Sprüngli also participates in activities such as the Swiss Chocolate Walking tour and Chocolate Hunting in Zurich.

Swiss Chocolate Walking Tour: This is a one of a kind tour perfect for both friends and families. Groups travel together across the city, trying out the best sweets and chocolates across Zurich. With the help of an expert guide, visitors will know all there is to know about chocolates and other desserts! This tour begins from Confiserie Sprüngli itself.

Chocolate Hunting in Zurich: Another adventurous tour begins at the Confiserie Sprüngli when chocolate lovers, both local residents and tourists alike, combine their paths and set out to enjoy the delicious chocolate recipes. Visitors will get to interact with the local community, learn about the Swiss culture, and explore some of the hidden gems of Zurich city concealing chocolate recipes which have travelled generations.

How to Reach Confiserie Sprüngli

Bus: Visitors can take the Bus N6 and get off at Zurich, Paradeplatz. Confiserie Sprüngli is only 36 meters away from the bus stop.

Tram: Another option is taking the Line 7 tram and get off at the stop Zurich, Paradeplatz. Confiserie Sprüngli is less than a minute away on foot.

Ferry: The ferry option is also available as some visitors prefer to take the 3734 ferry and exit at the Zurich Storchen. Confiserie Sprüngli is 4 minutes away.

History of Confiserie Sprungli

Established in 1836, Confiserie Sprüngli started out as a small confectionery store in the city of Zurich. Its founder, Rudolf Sprüngli, started experimenting with different recipes of chocolates, baked goods, and more. It was in 1892 when the chocolate production was separated from Confiserie Sprüngli main confectionery store, and opened separately as Lindt and Sprüngli. Over the years, Confiserie Sprüngli gained international momentum, and it was after the store's signature macaron Luxemburgerli was on the market, that the luxury brand soon grew to garner great profit. Today, Confiserie Sprüngli still runs as a family-owned business and classifies as one of the top desert producers in the world.

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