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"The Business City"

Zhengzhou Tourism

Zhengzhou is the capital of the Henan province of China. What is surprising about the city is that is has a population of about 8 million people - most of whom are natives of Zhengzhou! This area is also known as being the birthplace of the Chinese civilisation!

Zhengzhou has a long and complex history. It began around 1500 BC, where there were settlements in the area. These civilizations grew and began to build buildings and move their settlements outwards. This site eventually became an important part, and maybe even the capital for a time, of the Shang civilization. Today however, the city is very well connected to the rest of the surrounding areas of China by rail, road and even air. The city also used to be a major producer of grains and nuts for the country. The current city has grown very large and now has huge industrial units everywhere. But a lot of thought has been put into the expansion of the city, to the point that they have planted trees all over the city! Zhengzhou's food culture focuses heavily on fresh food and fresh ingredients. So for anyone who would like to experience a whole new side of China, a visit to Zhengzhou is an absolute must!

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