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Timings : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : Free

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Wellington Museum, Wellington Overview

Recently listed in The Times, London, among the 50 most voted museums worldwide, Wellington museum has become a focal tourist location for tourists from far and wide. It is located on Queen Wharfs, Wellington in New Zealand occupying the historic Bond Store, formerly known to keep the cargo loads by maritime ships and sailors in the Wellington harbor. It is a mere two-minute walk from Lambton Quay, which is centrally located on the map of Wellington, and the route can easily be availed by cable car.

The entry is free to everyone, but prior booking is required for designated school tours, academic research groups or any commercial operator. However, charges might apply to them. It is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm except on Christmas day. The trip can be exciting and informative, especially if you are visiting New Zealand with your children. The museum holds its roots solid and firm with Wellington's maritime history, which has been a feature of the country since the early 18th century.

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Things to Do

The Bond Store- The very initial steps inside the museum transports you to a different period altogether in the past, precisely the early 19th century when the museum once used to be a Bond Store, a warehouse to store cargo goods of the maritime seas.

Telling Tales- This alley of the museum takes you through the history of the Wellington in its brightest years of the 1900s when the economy, trade, culture, and society flourished to its peak. It was during this period that Wellington was regarded to be The Coolest Little Capital.

Maritime History- Wellington is renowned widely for its rich maritime life that comprised of seas, cargo, ships, sailors, pirates, sea animals, and whatnot. Several worn down abandoned ships and haul cargo occupies this part of the museum to give you a very upfront and real feel of the past. You can linger in a real captain’s cabin. The guide will also let you in by anecdotes about a dog called Paddy, the Wanderer.

Wahine Theatre- This room encompasses a poignant theatrical account recalling a very unfortunate incident dotting the history of Wellington’s maritime history. The theatrics is under the directorship of a notable filmmaker from New Zealand, Gaylene Preston.

Von Kohorn Room- The room once used to be the boardroom of the powerful Wellington Harbour Board. It now is grand and opulent reeking of the past glory it once held where one of the most striking and notable decisions were taken in the light of Wellington’s welfare and prosperity. It is also the same room where it was unanimously decided on making the Wellington port harbor nuclear-free.

Ngā Heke- An effective artistic space of the museum that boasts of a loud, booming portrayal and depiction of the tribal and contemporary life of the nativity through the craftsmanship and creative faculties of the Maori artists and poets. The exhibition is also notable for the inclusion of the most prized possession of taonga, Te Whanganui a Tara (The Great Harbour of Tara). The exhibition is an artistic space with a gallery-like feel attached to it that is bound to leave you in speculation, contemplation and an animated discussion about its creative process with your fellow tourists.

A Millennium Ago- Maori Stories from Way Back that employs creative and effective theatrical illusions to create an eccentric vibe telling and re-telling the long lost tales of Maori creation legends.

The Attic- The Attic takes you to space where you are supposed to suspend your rationality for a while and well into the eccentric theatric spelling and version of the maritime history of Wellington. It comprises of a utopian range of elements ranging from lion to flying saucers and makes your visit to this museum a different and unconventional in several ways. It heightens your simulation to everything new and alien and creative so explore, ask questions, indulge in discussions and make the experience a notable one.

Ngā Hau- it is a cinematic field inside the museum that takes you through the history of Wellington where you are at liberty to interact with characters telling their respective stories. Ngā Hau was developed by Perceptual Engineering in conjunction with Wellington Museum.

The Frederick de Jersey Clere Room- You could call this space of the museum to be the heart from which the entire conceived by the famous architect Frederick de Jersey Clere. Initially, the building stood as the Bond Story storing cargo in its warehouse and a couple of centuries later, it stands today as a museum that has preserved the rich heritage and history of Wellington very effectively and creatively.

The room is a prime center to let you in the architectural nuances by Frederick during its conception. It has the original blueprints that portrays the architectural importance of the building and why it is regarded to be one of the most important buildings in New Zealand.

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