10 Best Bars in Wellington to Let Your Hair Down

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Bars in Wellington are renowned widely, and some are said to be the best in all of the Southern Hemisphere. Many of the bars have recently changed their locations or improved the interior, but some have stood the test of time. 

Right now, plenty of establishments have opened up, and if you are looking for a casual drink with your buddies or want to get rid of your stress. Wellington has something to offer for anyone, with bars around each street turn don’t get lost deciding which pub to visit. 

Here are the Best Bars in Wellington!

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1. Goldings Freedive 

The classic place to get a cleansing craft beer, Goldings Freedive always replaces its beer, making sure you don’t get bored of drinking the same thing over and over. If you are looking for a casual drink, then avoid this place at peak times like Friday nights as it gets jam-packed. This is one of the best bars in Wellington to get a casual drink with a few friends.

The bar is open to everyone, and the staff there are also friendly, enjoy your beer with a slice of pizza. 
Cost - $$ 

2. Poquito 

Black seed Barnaby Weir’s family are the ones behind this fantastic bar and eatery. The cocktails are the biggest hits apart from the spirits they sell with a South American twist. The majority of the food options are Spanish or South American style dishes of high quality. The vibe here is a cosy one, perfect for a date or a casual outing with your friends. 
Cost - $$ 

3. Hanging Ditch 

As the name suggests, there are literally bottles hanging from the ceiling and with a wide selection of cocktails that you won’t find anyone else. Get the drink of your choice and sit back on the comfortable leather couch. A great spot for a second or third date or the first drink after a long day, making it one of the ideal bars in Wellington for a relaxing drink at the end of the day. 
Cost - $$$

4. Hashigo Zake 

One of the first craft beer bars in Wellington and is popular with the local people. Underneath Pico restaurant, one needs to walk down the staircase to reach this spot. This one has the possibility to be your secret spot that’s hidden from the main street. If you are looking for some great craft beer this one should be your bar. 
Cost - $$ 
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5. Crumpet 

If you are looking for a retro look, ‘Crumpet’ is the bar you should visit. Offering great ambience from the prohibition era, visit this place to get a feel of the 1920s or 1930s. Smooth classic cocktails and boutiquey crumpets are the best drinks to get at this place. Right opposite the Opera House, pop in for a drink and enjoy some great music. 
Cost - $$ 

6. Dirty Little Secret Bar 

Offering the best view of the city, party while looking on at the bright city lights. This roof-top bar accessible by a lift which takes you to the roof filled with drinks and music. Stick to wine and beer and have a blast with your friends. 
Cost - $$ 

7. R Bar 

A pirate-themed bar right up Cuba Street that was established five years ago. A hybrid between ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ and ‘Friends’ this is a place which you have to visit to believe. Even the drinks are named accordingly so visit this bar to have a great time. 
Cost - $$ 
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8. Hawthorn Lounge 

One of the oldest and longest bars in Wellington that serve the best cocktails that have stood the test of time. Started by the Mckenzie brothers, this lounge gives off sultry vibes with live music playing in the background and people playing cards. 
Cost - $$$ 

9. Fortune Favours Craft Beer Bar 

This is a recently established bar that serves craft beer and the 50% ownership is of Wellington Hospitality Group. It is a great place for a brew on Saturday afternoons and pets are also welcomed. Apart from drinking, the food section is also delicious and worth trying out. Located on Leeds Street, definitely try out the Wellingtonian Beer. 
Cost - $$ 

10. Noble Rot Wine Bar 

If you are looking for a first-class service over a bottle of wine then visit Noble Rot Bar. Owned by Josh and Maciej who are wine connoisseurs and have created an amazing wine experience that’s all about presentation and quality. One can order from the secret cellar they have which costs over $2500 and every single wine they possess will blow your mind. 
Cost - $$$

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