Surfing in Weligama, Mirissa

Surfing in Weligama, Mirissa, Mirissa Overview

Weligama is a town located on the south coast of Sri Lanka, in Matara District, Southern Province. The shores of Weligama are best known to have some of the most pristine surfing spots of the country. One such beach is the Weligama beach.

Weligama beach is an idyllic spot for surfing. Most of the beginners of the sport prefer to learn and practice surfing here. The beach is nothing less than perfect for surfers. Here is why Weligama is a surfer’s paradise - High Waves, Surfboarding Rent, Surfing Guides, Surfing Spots and Surfing with Locals.

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Reasons for Surfing in Weligama, Mirissa

High waves
The waves of the water at Weligama beach have the required height for surfing. They are relatively low, which are sustainable for beginners, and at times quite high, which are beneficial for advanced surfers.

Surfboard rent
The surfboards can be rented at around LKR 1500 for 2 hours, which is relatively low. The training course also costs around the same. The affordability attracts surfers from all over the country and world.

Surfing guides
Many trainers and guides for surfing are present on the beach. Beginners can seek lessons from these trainers at relatively low fees, and advanced surfers can take guidance if necessary. Lifeguards are also present at the beach.

Surfing spots
The main Weligama beach undoubtedly has the best kind of waves, but apart from that, some reefs serve as a good option too. There are certain “secret spots” around the main beach as well. The locals help out tourists with these.

Surfing with the locals
Weligama is one such place where tourists can surf along with the locals, and get to learn from them informally. Weligama, thus, has everything that a surfer needs - high waves. Numerable renting options, trainers and guides, lifeguards, clear waters and an overall scenic environment. Weligama beach is an ideal surfing spot for beginners as well as advanced surfers.

Best Time of the Day for Surfing in Weligama, Mirissa

The best time to surf in Weligama is from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM and after 5:00 PM. The local experts recommend these timings, keeping the tides, crowd and weather in mind.

Best Season for Surfing in Weligama, Mirissa

The ideal months to surf in Weligama are September to May. During this time the waves are the highest and rainfall is nil or minimal. June is another relevant month because rainfall is low and tourists are less.

How To Reach Surfing in Weligama, Mirissa

Visitors can catch a train from Colombo to Mirissa, and then hire a tuk-tuk or taxi till the beach.

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