How To Reach Stockholm

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How to Reach Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the best connected cities in the world. You can get here by air, rail, car or even by boat.

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How to Reach Stockholm from India

International airlines such as Lufthansa, Qatar, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, and Air India offer flights to Stockholm. However, there are no direct flights between India and Stockholm, with a majority of these flights having a stop over in Europe.

How to reach Stockholm by flight

Stockholm's international airport is one of the busiest in Europe. You can find flights to Stockholm very easily from anywhere around the world. It has a second domestic airport, which also has flights running to and from the nearby Nordic countries.

How to reach Stockholm by road

From nearby cities. Discuss routes maybe. Talk about ease of rental for cabs / self driven cars

How to reach Stockholm by train

Stockholm Central is the city's main train station. Trains from domestic cities such as Gothenburg and Malmo, and also other smaller cities run daily. International trains including those coming from Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway.

How to reach Stockholm by bus

Bus travel to Stockholm is available from several nearby cities, domestic and international. The City Terminal is the main bus terminal of Stockholm. Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, Prague, Zagreb and Budapest are a few of the international destinations connected via bus.

How to reach Stockholm by Waterways

Stockholm is located facing the Baltic Sea, and cruises connecting the city with the region are readily available. Primarily, ferries connect the city with other cities in Finland, Latvia and Estonia. Stadsgërden, Skeppsbron and Frihamnen are three of the busiest ports in Stockholm, including international cruise liners and daily ferries in the Baltic region.

Local transport in Stockholm

Stockholm has one of the best public transport systems anywhere in the world, so much so that you'll even hail a cab on very rare occasions. It consists of bus, metro, tram, suburban rail, light rain a ferry system to travel in the archipelago. The bus has inner city, suburban and service lines, the last being made for the requirements of elderly people. The metro line in Stockholm is extensive, with 3 separate lines having a total of 99 stations, covering almost all of the inner city. if you're staying for than 3 days, purchase a metro card, which is a better alternative to buying a 24 hour pass. Quite interestingly, the majority of the stations of the metro are adorned with all types of arts ranging from paintings to sculptures, giving it the title of the 'Longest Art Gallery' in the world. The archipelago boat system is an efficient way of travelling across the 14 islands of Stockholm.

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