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Thangka painting, Spiti Valley Overview

Thangka painting is a Buddhist painting made on cotton and silk.When they are not used for display, they are rolled and kept on a textile backing which look like Chinese scroll paintings, with a silk cover. They can last for a long time. But they are of delecate nature, that's why they are kept in dry places so that it doesn't get affected by moisture. The painting depicts a Buddhist deity or a scene.

Thangka paintings, made on cotton, are paintings depicting the life of Buddhist deities. They serve as important teaching tools. Thangka painting are used for devotional and decorative purposes. There are workshops held by famous thangka painters who teach the visitors the importance and procedure that goes in the making of the painting.

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Benefits of the Thangka painting

Thangka paintings are admired for their aesthetic beauty and they do have meditational benefits . To strengthen their concentration and to get themselves linked with the deity , people use the paintings as a technique. A Thangka is used as an art, for devotion, spiritual practice, and as a source of blessings through meditation.

History of the Thangka painting

This painting has developed from the early traditions of Buddhism. Their history traces through these murals, which survive in greater numbers. These thangkas were designed by individuals, who were great in their ability. The paintings were further given to some monastery or people who used them as meditational source. Most of the thangka artists were monks who practiced their art .

Procedure for the painting

Thangkas are painted on cloth. Loose woven cotton is generally used for the painting which are normally of 16 - 23 inches. The paint is mixed a little before applying. It contains pigments of both mineral and organic in a liquid form of animal glue and then the paint is applied as a warm liquid .

Fading Art of the painting

This ancient art is on the verge getting extinct because it is unknown among many people. But few studios and schools have stored this beautiful part of Buddhism's rich history.

Tips For Visiting Thangka painting

Keep yourself hydrated and eat well as the traveling might become exhausting.

How To Reach Thangka painting

Visitors can take a flight from Ahmedabad to Chandigarh. Then travel from bus to Kullu and from there to Kaza , Spiti.

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