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Thajiwas Glacier, Sonamarg Overview

Thajiwas Glacier which lies at a distance of 3 km from Sonamarg in Kashmir is an exquisite beauty situated 3000 m above sea level covered in snow all through the year. The glacier is one of the most significant assets of Jammu and Kashmir and a must-visit for all the nature and trekking lovers. One gets to experience the beauty of the glacier by trekking all the way there from Sonamarg. There is also the option of hiring a pony to get to the glacier. On the way to the glacier, the tourists get to witness the beauty of the silver shining frozen lake along with all the greenery around. The contrast of both of them is what makes it enchanting to the eyes. On the way, the tourists also come across Gujjar tribes who have their camps set up and earn their livelihood here.

In addition to all this, alpine meadows are scattered all over in the Thajiwas Glacier along with numerous waterfalls which make the region appear like heaven on earth. This makes the glacier one of the most famous and most visited tourist attractions of Sonamarg. The tourists get to ride the sledge during the summer season too. The glacier is a perfect spot for trekking as well as camping.

This glacier offers a perfect escape from the scorching heat of the summers along with a peaceful environment to restore all your senses. The beautiful scenes of horses grazing in the grasslands, fir and pine trees growing in the forests nearby, small streams covering the place and local Gujjar kids playing cricket in the vicinity is what makes the glacier a treat to the eyes. It remains covered in snow throughout the year, so winter visitors must not fret. Set up a camp, get some tea and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. 

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Thajiwas Glacier Trek

Tourists visiting the Thajiwas Glacier are going to find it as the most adventurous treks of Sonamarg. The trek includes a frozen lake and lush green surroundings on the way. There is a path from the Glacier leading all the way up to the Shakhdar Hill. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the glacier along with its surroundings from this hill. During the summer season, one can come across local Gujjar tribes staying there while going towards the alpine meadows. These tribes come to the glacier in the summers to earn money and return to Jammu when the winter season begins.

The climb up to the Sindh River is what makes the Thajiwas Glacier much more exciting and enjoyable. There is a beautiful place situated at a distance of 5 km from the glacier where the tourists can enjoy the natural beauty around at its best. There are pine trees and fir trees covering the meadow with numerous waterfalls making the place appear like a surreal beauty. Thajiwas Glacier which is surrounded by the Himalayas is a fantastic destination to be at and have fun in the natural setting that the place has to offer.

Best Time To Visit Thajiwas Glacier

The ideal time for tourists to pay a visit to the Thajiwas Glacier is between April and October when summers set in, and the climate is pleasant and cool. One can enjoy the sightseeing activities in addition to participating in various exciting activities. Snow too can be witnessed on the mountain peaks during this time.

Tips For Visiting Thajiwas Glacier

1. During the peak season, sledges and ponies are made available to the tourists. Beware of exploitation from ponywallahs. Rates can skyrocket during summers.
2. Since the surface of the glacier can be slippery, it is better to wear proper footwear to avoid getting hurt.
3. The tourists can also go camping on the grounds near the glacier.
4. It is better to hire a tour guide to enjoy the scenic sites.
5. Enjoy the snowball fights fully as one does not usually get such a snow-covered land elsewhere.
6. You will find some tea and Maggie stalls near the glacier.

How To Reach Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier is situated at a distance of 3 km from Sonamarg and can be easily reached on foot in about half an hour. One can also hire cabs or ponies to reach the glacier. You can get a cab from the Sonmarg Taxi Stand which should cost you around INR 3500 - 5500.
Sonamarg is connected to almost all the other places and can be reached by state buses or taxis.

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