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Like most of the Andalusian destinations, Seville is extremely popular for its tapas. There are many great tapas around the centre of the town and one can go on foot to explore it to the fullest. Popular dishes to try include tortilla Espa_ola(potato omelette), aceitunas(olives), pulpo gallego (Galician octopus), patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) and queso manchego (sheep's milk cheese from La Mancha region). Make sure to try the ham that often hang over the bar. Join a food/ tapas tour or a Spanish cooking class to know more about the cuisine of Seville. Must visit restaurants include Rodilla, Las Teresas, The Room Art Cuisine and Taberna Coloniales.

Food for Indians in Seville

If one is a vegetarian, they need to confirm that they do not want fish or tuna either as according to them, vegetarian refers to no flesh. There are a good range of vegetarian and vegan food options like Habanita, located in the centre of the city. One might also find a few Indian restaurants in the city, which might not be completely vegetarian, but will offer a wide variety of vegetarian food.

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