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Located quite close to the town centre of Sapa, and set in the breathtakingly stunning valley of Muong Hoa, the Ta Tan Village is a welcome relief from the busy streets of Sapa and boasts of being home of vast rice fields and pristine beauty. A short trip or even a night stay at this simple yet beautiful village is an excellent way to explore the local lifestyle and culture of the communities that reside here.

Although it is possible to explore the area for a while and then return to your hotel, most people prefer to stay in the village overnight. Halting at the town would help you better understand the local culture and also enable participation in the day to day activities. One could be a part of the Giay and Dao community and relish their delicious home-cooked meals as well. Another advantage of visiting this quaint village is that you can also easily trek to other tribal villages of the area from the Ta Van Village. So make sure to carry a camera along, and click some amazing photos as you live some of the best days of your life in Sapa.

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Exploring Ta Van Village

1. Meet the Local Village Communities - The Giay and the Dao

Ta Van Village
The two major minority communities of the village of Ta Van are the Giay and the Dao. Upon entering the town through the wooden bridge, you will first run into people who belong to the Giay community. Just a little further up, on the hillside, you will also be able to meet people from the Dao community. 
Common Sighting
The thousand people who live here in over 150 households have been caring for this tiny village since ancient times. Although their primary profession is agriculture and silver carving, they often open visitor homestay services, especially during the peak season. They also often sell their handmade bracelets and other knick-knacks to the tourists who visit the area. Most people from both communities are amiable!

2. Enjoying the Regional Culture
The people are hard-working, and you would find them in their fields from dawn to dusk. Thus, the village is quiet all through the day, but at night, it can get crowded. Local communities gather to enjoy their evening musical show routine.
General Daily Routines
The community likes to celebrate and unwind after a day full of hard work by taking part in traditional fan dancing, bamboo dancing, etc. around a huge campfire. 
The Wedding Season
October is the wedding season for the people of the Giay community. So, if you ever visit the village during this season, you would witness a host of awe-striking traditional weddings indulged in local customs including a lot of dancing and singing. 

3. The Ta Van Homestay Experience

Ta Van Village
The homestay services in Ta Van are exceptional, and the people of the local community welcome you with open arms. The houses are made up entirely out of wood and are built along the slope of the rice paddy fields. Visitors love to stay in these little houses and enjoy such amazing views, something which is a rarity these days. By opting for a homestay, you get to be a part of the minority community indeed and witness their day to day activities very carefully. 

4. Local Community Cuisine
One of the best parts of a trip to the Ta Van Village is the local cuisine that you will get to enjoy there. The homestay owners would prepare all your meals, and everything that goes into their food is freshly produced.
The Joys of Organic Diet
The food thus is entirely organic and natural, and corn wine is also served here along with the menu as a complimentary drink. 
Must-try Dishes
Other than this, Vietnamese spring rolls, stewed chicken served with caramelised onions, local steamed veggies, etc. are also trendy here, and are a must-try; along with their special hot soup.

Best Time to Visit Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village
The best time to visit the Ta Van village is either between September and November or between March and May. During these times of the year, the weather is just perfect, with the sun shining bright in the day, and the temperature dropping down just a bit to become chilly at night.

How To Reach Ta Van Village

The Ta Van Village is located at the mountain base, just about 10 kilometres away from the centre of Sapa.

Hire a Taxi
The best option to reach the village is to hire a taxi. A taxi ride from Sapa to the town would not cost you more than 200,000 VND, and you should be able to reach the town pretty quickly.

Hire a Scooter
Alternatively, you can hire a scooter; and enjoy riding to the village and capture the picturesque views en route. However, hiring a motorcycle during the rainy season is not advisable, because not only is the ride muddy and dirty, but also unsafe and risky at times.

The narrow road that leads visitors to the village also makes for a great trek. A lot of travellers choose to take the five-mile hike to the village area. The road is pretty straight, and you will witness beautiful rice and corn fields on the way. Even though the complete trek takes about 3.5 hours, it is entirely worth it.

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