Weather :

Parking :

  • Available but limited
  • No Parking Fees

Amenities :

  • Restrooms
  • Promenade
  • Paved Bike Lane
  • Dunes
  • Zoo
  • Fire Pits

Pet Policy :

  • Off leash allowed
  • On Leash only from Sloat Blvd to Stairwell 21

Location : Sloat Blvd and Great Hwy

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Ocean Beach, San Francisco Overview

Ocean Beach is San Francisco’s prime destination for surfing. Its long history of being inhospitable has paid off and its powerful waves are a hit with experienced surfers. However, the ocean at the beach is too dangerous for casual swimmers even with wetsuits and lifejackets, in most cases. However, it is a great place for families and dogs to just relax and enjoy the view. The areas towards the Golden Gate Park is more popular for regular bonfires.

During very low tides, you can even see some parts of the ship King Phillip sticking out in the stands. The harsh waters of Ocean Beach have caused many ships to run adrift onto its shores. Check out the Cliff House, a renowned restaurant overlooking the site of the former Sutro Baths. It also houses the historic camera obscura on the deck overlooking the ocean. The former Sutro Baths are the ruins of one of the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. If you wanna get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city but still want to enjoy the beaches, Ocean Beach is the place to go!

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