Weather :

Activities :

  • Surfing
  • Bodyboarding
  • Birdwatching
  • Kayaking
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Sunbathing

Amenities :

  • Restrooms
  • Tennis Court

Pet Policy : Dogs allowed

Parking : Free street parking

Also Known As : Brighton Beach

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Bolinas Beach, San Francisco Overview

With an extremely picturesque view, but a rather rocky bottom , Bolinas Beach is a favourite amongst surfers due to the low but regular waves. Just about 13 miles northwest of San Francisco, it Is located on the Southern Coast of Marin. For tourists it could be quite a hassle reaching Bolinas as the locals are not very fond of outsiders visiting their reclusive village.

The beach area has tide pools and the beach is exceptionally long between the Pacific Ocean and the Bolinas Lagoon which starts approximately 4 miles north of the Pacific. The lagoon covers about 1100 acres along with 16 square miles of watershed feeding into the area. 

The tides usually permit surfing throughout the day, so just hop on and let the current carry you towards the ocean. If you aren’t fond of surfing , a relaxing walk around the beach is favoured by many as there is a slight breeze and the temperature of the water is fairly cool here. 

The beach has two spots for surfers: The Channel and The Patch, which offer extremely opposite surfing conditions , in terms of wave size and style. For beginners, The Channel is the perfect place to start as the waves are not very strong and easy to catch. 

Bolinas however has several sharks and there have been 11 attacks in the past few years but thankfully non fatal. So we recommend not wandering very deep into the water. The locals of the area are very protective of the area, hence do not leave any waste behind and follow any rules that might be in place.

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