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"Mesmerizing Iceland"

Reykjavik Tourism

Reykjavik is the northernmost capital city of the world and serves as the gateway and focal point of tourism in Iceland. Known for its hip music, indigenous art, rich history, funky culinary choices and breath-taking beauty, Reykjavik offers the best of modern taste and natural beauty to its tourists.

Reykjavik is the perfect blend of modern and medieval times with its rich viking history and centres of modern culture. It is a great place to go for groups of all size and composition whether families, friends or couples since the tourism industry in Iceland is thoroughly modernized thereby allowing an immense amount of customization. Iceland is known as the land of ice and fire with its location in the northern hemisphere close to the north pole, the land is riddled with volcanic and geothermal activity. Reykjavik has natural views of breath-taking beauty and the cityscape is a sight to behold. The northern lights are a spectacle that all travellers come to watch. National parks, geothermal pools, museums, shopping centres and a happening nightlife make Reykjavik a city with a unique vibe.

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Currency in Reykjavik

All major credit cards are widely accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Euro) in Reykjavik. Establishments usually do not accept payments in dollars or euros.

Shopping in Reykjavik

Reykjavik offers a wide variety of shopping places that will suit every traveller. There are three shopping centres Smaralind (biggest), Kringlan and Fjrodur. There is a flea market called Kolaportid where you can have an actual local experience. A lot of galleries, boutiques and high-fashion stores provide designer clothes and jewellery. Some famous ones are KronKron, Kron, Kisok, 66 North and Eva. You can visit the Iceland gift store and various small shops for souvenirs. For book lovers, you can visit this popular bookstore called Mal og Menning that stocks English-language books on Iceland. You should check out Alafoss and Handknitting Association of Iceland for traditional Icelandic attire and woollen clothes.

Nightlife in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has a lot of local bars, pubs and clubs that make up its nightlife, locally known as jammith. It is also well-known for locally brewed beer and schnapps. Most bars are located within proximity of the shopping centre and have no entry fees meaning bar-hopping can be easily done. Most establishments are open till late (1 - 2 AM on weekdays, 5 AM on weekends) and have no dress codes as such. Some popular places include Kaffibarinn, Hurra, Dillon, Bravo, Bar 11, Kiki, Club Rosenberg and Lounge 101.

History of Reykjavik

Reykjavik is believed to be the first permanent settlement in Iceland by Norsemen, by Ingolfur Arnarson as described in the Book of Settlement. It started off as a town and manor farm in 18th century under the rule of the king of Denmark. It was made the capital city in 1801 and continued to grow thereafter. WWII was a period of boom for the city and it grew rapidly starting then until the late 90s and even 2000s.

Language of Reykjavik

Icelandic is the native language spoken by majority of the population although most people speak English, making it easy for travellers. Icelandic is a very difficult language to speak and therefore it is recommended that you use English when in Reykjavik since pronunciations in Icelandic are hard to master.

Reykjavik Customs

It is advised that you don't tip while in Iceland. Some social etiquette that you need to keep in mind is that cars aren't given a priority while driving (people walking, cycling are treated with a lot of care). "How do you like Iceland?" is a frequent question you will face when visiting Reykjavik. When visiting the various natural thermal pools, it is expected that you maintain hygiene by taking a thorough shower before entering them. Also, since the weather can turn cold and windy, it is a good idea to have warm clothing. There are no restrictions on what is considered acceptable while choosing your clothes. Icelandic people are nice and friendly and will usually try to engage using meaningful conversations although locals tend to be more on the reserved side. Crime rate in Iceland is low and Reykjavik is considered a safe city for everyone including single travellers.

Religion of Reykjavik

Predominantly Christian (~85%)

Daily Budget for Reykjavik

Frugal: ISK 8000 - 10000 Budget: ISK 12000 - 15000 Luxury: ISK 20000 - 30000

Exchanging Money in Reykjavik

There is an ATM at the Keflavik Airport where you can exchange currency. It is advisable to use debit/credit cards since cash transactions are not very popular.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

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FAQs on Reykjavik

What is the local food in Reykjavik?

Reykjavik offers plenty of local and exotic cuisines. Iceland can be expensive when it comes to food but there is a wide range to choose from depending on your budget. 10-11 is a chain of convenience stores where you can buy cheap ready-to-eat meals. There are the usual fast food joints and many local varieties as well. There are many small cafes to relax and eat as well as coffeehouses. You can try out local cuisine and seafood at the fish restaurants in Reykjavik which start from mid-range and may cost upwards of ISK 1000. Fine dining options include Argentina Steakhouse, Dill, Fish Company, Grillid, Holt and Perlan. Some mid-range popular restaurants include Messin, Ostabudin, Resto, Kaffivagninn and Forettabarinn. Some must have dishes are Hangikjot, Skyr, Icelandic fish, meat soup, and the famous Icelandic hot dog.
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What are the places near Reykjavik?

The top places near to Reykjavik are London which is 1884 km from Reykjavik, Dubai which is located 6882 km from Reykjavik, Amsterdam which is located 2011 km from Reykjavik, New york city which is located 4209 km from Reykjavik, Bali which is located 12955 km from Reykjavik

What are the things to do in Reykjavik?

The top things to do in Reykjavik are Northern Lights , Golden Circle , Vikings Horse Riding, Puffin Express Cruise, Reykjanes Peninsula, Blue Lagoon. You can see all the places to visit in Reykjavik here

What are the top hotels in Reykjavik?

There are 429 in Reykjavik which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Reykjavik are Laugavegur Penthouse Apartment, Vaktahouse, Private Grand Villa, Ocean View Luxury Apartment in Central Reykjavik, Greenkey Apartment M14, Hólmgarður 44. You can see all the hotels in Reykjavik here

What is the best time to visit Reykjavik?

Summer time in Iceland is relatively warmer (12-14 C) and gives you the opportunity to go on hikes, visit music festivals and see Northern lights. This time of year is the peak season for Reykjavik. June and July offer views of the Midnight Sun and the dry weather allows for hiking, whereas starting September (to March) you can see the Northern lights for longer duration. Winters in Reykjavik are cold but travellers interested in special photography tours might want to visit then.
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