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Entry fee : RM 1-2 per person

Height : 1,493 metres

Hiking distance : 26 – 27 kilometres

Time Required : 6-7 hours

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Gunung Nuang, Putrajaya Overview

Gunung Nuang or Mount Nuang is a mountain peak in the Titiwangsa mountain range of Malaysia bordered by Pahang and Selangor on each side. At an elevation of 1,493 metres, Gunung Nuang is the second highest peak in the Selangor region and 86th highest peak in Malaysia. Accessible by two different entrances, one from Janda Baik and other from Pangsun, Gunung Nuang is a captivating high peak filled with nature's nourishment.

Gunung Nuang is famous for hiking and camping with three different campsites in the path, Camp Lolo, Camp Paket, and Camp Pengasih. Genting Highlands and Gunung Semangkok are visible from the top of the peak at night. Hike towards the Gunung Nuang peak for a thrilling and adventurous trip passing through some alluring rivers, exquisite species of flora and fauna along with some hurdles in between.

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Gunung Nuang Hiking

The entire hiking tour of Gunung Nuang takes 6 hours covering a distance of 26-27 kilometres. Two routes, one from Pangsun and Janda Baik, are available for hiking towards Gunung Nuang. The four phase hiking tour of Gunung Nuang is -
  • The first phase of the hiking tour is from the bamboo groves and rainforest path in a stretch of 4.5 kilometres towards Camp Lolo, the first campsite. Explore some varied varieties of insects, birds, and monkeys along with five resting huts which are located after every 1 km of the way. After passing all the five resting huts, take a glimpse on the hiking map and experience the peaceful sound of flowing water.
  • Cross five different rivers which are not too big in the second stage of the thrilling hiking tour. Every river is at a stretch of 1-2 kilometres and is filled with white stones placed on the alluring river. The stones are not slippery; however, hikers should take care while passing the rivers. After the fourth phase, you will find the most popular campsite, Camp Lolo where people usually rest for a day before proceeding to the next stages.
  • The third phase is the most challenging stage in the entire hiking path with lots of trees, muddy ground and steep terrain. The path leads to the next campsite, Kem Pecat or Camp Pecat which usually takes 100-150 minutes to complete. Camp Pecat is famous for leeches; however, the encounter with a group of leeches depends on the season. Camp Pecat is an open area where people pitch camps and take a break for hiking.
  •  Muddy roads, uphill and downhill terrain, uprooted trees and deep grooves define the last and most exciting stage of the hiking tour. After the departure from Camp Pecat, you will encounter another stop, Camp Pengasih after covering a distance of 1.2 kilometres. Camp Pengasih is not a very popular spot to camp. The last route from camp Pengasih to the ultimate Gunung Nuang peak is a 40 minutes path with challenges all over.
  • Reach the Gunung Nuang peak, camp, enjoy nature's beauty and descend back either the same day or next day. Descending path is a bit easier and gets completed in less time.

Tips for Hiking to Mount Nuang

  • Try and take the entrance to Gunung Nuang from Janda Baik as the tour from here is shorter and more comfortable.
  • Apply for a permit at least 2 weeks before as the authorities only allow people with a permit to enter the Gunung Nuang.
  • Don't rush. Keep the pace slow for an enjoyable and successful hiking tour.
  • Try and arrive as early as 7:00 AM because it is difficult to get a car parking space after 8:00 AM.
  • Dress up properly. Wear long pants, full sleeves shirts, hiking socks, and gloves while hiking.
  • Carry lots of water, a phone charger, headlights, and camping gears for an easy and convenient experience.
  • Follow the white signs marked on the trees for the right route towards Gunung Nuang peak.

How to reach Gunung Nuang?

Take a taxi or drive towards Pangsun or Janda Baik from Kuala Lumpur via Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur- Barat highway or Jalan Hulu Langat. It takes around 1 hour to reach the entrance of Gunung Nuang which is located both in Pangsun and Janda Baik.

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