How To Reach Pekan

How to Reach Pekan

Pekan is well connected to nearby cities through comprehensive roads and highways. Buses ply from Kuantan to Pekan and one notable bus service is that of rapidKuantan. Tanjung Lumpur Highway, Tun Razak Highway and East Coast Expressway connect several cities to Pekan. If you are travelling from Tanjung Lumpur, Penor, Ceruk Paloh or Jalan Pekan, you can take the Tanjung Lumpur Highway. Tun Razak Highway connects Gambang, Segamat, Kuantan to Pekan. From Kuala Lumpur, East Coast expressway can be taken with an interchange at Gambang Interchange to Tun Razak Highway.

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Local transport in Pekan

Bicycles are the prime mode of transportation. You can rent a bicycle and cycle to place while discovering finer elements of nature. Taxis are also a popular means of transportation especially to and fro from other cities. 

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