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"Royal Town of Malaysia"

Pekan Tourism

Pekan is a town in the Pekan District of Pahang in Malaysia. It is popularly known as the "Royal Town of Malaysia" as it is the seat of the Pahang Sultanate. Home to some grand buildings, Pekan town is scenic and pristine with wide clean streets, spacious fields and royal palaces. 

Muzium Masjid Sultan Abdullah is a graceful white mosque located in Pekan from the 1930s now renovated to a museum. The mosque is meticulously designed and is a masterpiece. Abu Bakar Royal Mosque is also located in Pekan. It is a Royal Mosque and is built in Moorish Design. Several Sultans and Royal family members rest peacefully in graves in the mausoleum of the mosque. Sultan Abu Bakar museum is also a must visit in Pekan and has a wide collection of relics, chinese glassware and ceramics. 

You may also visit Chini Lake which is 70km from Pekan and takes 1 hour by road to reach. It is Malaysia’s largest freshwater lake and is home to Orang Asli who are the oldest habitants of Malaysia Peninsula. Bird watching is also a prevalent activity in Pekan and you can easily spot Hornbills. Pahang Royal Silk Weaving Center, Royal Pekan Golf Club, Royal Pahang Polo Field are among other places worth visiting in Pekan.

Things to do in Pekan

1. Sultan Abdullah Mosque Museum

Sultan Abdullah Mosque Museum
Sultan Abdullah Mosque Museum is located just by the magnificent Pahang river. Established in 1930, it is country’s first mosque turned museum.  The entire museum is divided into three (Read More) thematic zones and is popular for its stunning Moorish architecture. The completely lit museum showcases symmetry and repetition in architecture. A long rectangle pool in the museum at the front makes the ambiance even more serene. Visitors can experience the bygone days of Malaysian heritage through the displayed artifacts, graphics and illustrations, calligraphy, and floor tiles pattern. 
Timings: 9:30 AM to 05:00 PM

2. Sultan Abu Bakar Palace

Sultan Abu Bakar Palace
A short trip to Istana Abu Bakar Palace in Pekan of Malaysia is a good destination for understanding the legacy of the Malay civilization. Just a short drive to the Royal Polo field, you can see the g (Read More)lorious Istana Abu Bakar Palace which used to be the official residence of the Sultan of Pahang.

3. Sultan Abu Bakar Museum

Sultan Abu Bakar Museum
Sultan Abu Bakar Museum holds together the heritage of the Royal Pahang family and is home to ancient relics of the country. Serving as an official residential building for the British, an army barrac (Read More)k during the Japanese invasion in Malaysia, and as the residence of Sultan Abu Bakar, now the state museum is a tourist spot. Filled with Chinese glassware, ceramics, and household items used by the royal family of Pahang, Sultan Abu Bakar Museum is renovated with high-definition television, wifi facilities, and table touch-screens. 
Timings: Tuesday to Sunday - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

4. Royal Pahang Silk Weaving Centre

Royal Pahang Silk Weaving Centre
Beholding the legacy and traditions of the royal Pahang family, the Royal Pahang Silk Weaving Centre is located in Palau Keladi village of Pekan. Visitors can witness the entire process of weaving sil (Read More)k and understand the art of weaving silk here. A perfect destination to understand Malaysian fabric, the Royal Pahang Silk Weaving Centre has a vivid collection of fabric suitable for both formal and informal events. Various items of handwoven silk are also available like shoes, curtains, wallets, and pillow covers. Existing for more than two centuries, only the cultural village of Palu Keladi practices the traditional weaving methods of silk, passed from one generation to the other. 

5. Pekan Riverfront

Pekan Riverfront
The Pekan Riverfront is a beautiful public park that faces the Pekan River. Situated close to Jalan Sultan Ahmad, the public park also houses food stalls and gazebos and is dotted with rows of coconut (Read More) trees. While the park surroundings and the blissful Pekan River are a true treat to the eye, the beautiful arch-shaped structure that is constructed at the entrance further accentuates its beauty. Short cruises also occasionally operate here. One can also indulge in fishing at the Pekan Riverfront. 

6. Chini Lake

Chini Lake
Lake Chini, Malaysia's second-biggest natural freshwater lake is a series of 12 freshwater lakes. Located in Peninsular Malaysia, it is home to hundreds of flora and fauna species. The beautiful Lake (Read More)Chini is sprawled in an area of 12,565 and is inhabited by the Jakun branch of the Orang Asli tribe of Malaysia. It is also one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve sites in Peninsular Malaysia.

More on Pekan

Food in Pekan

Pekan is well-known for its eateries and delicacies. There is a diverse menu to choose from especially for breakfast. One of the most famous delicacies is that of roti naik, tastes best when eaten hot and fresh. It is a bread bun that is selectively available in a few cities of Johor and Pahang. Another mouthwatering dish is Murtabak which is a stuffed pancake in Malaysian style originally belonging to India. Nasi Dagang, a dish with steamed white rice packed in banana leaves with chunks of fish, is popular among locals and tourists. 
There is no dearth of restaurants in Pekan. A majority of the eateries, food stalls and fruits stalls can be found along the streets between padang and Sungai Pahang and also along Sultan Ahmad riverfront.

Best Time to Visit Pekan

How to Reach Pekan

How to Reach Overview

Pekan is well connected to nearby cities through comprehensive roads and highways. Buses ply from Kuantan to Pekan and one notable bus service is that of rapidKuantan. Tanjung Lumpur Highway, Tun Razak Highway and East Coast Expressway connect several cities to Pekan. If you are travelling from Tanjung Lumpur, Penor, Ceruk Paloh or Jalan Pekan, you can take the Tanjung Lumpur Highway. Tun Razak Highway connects Gambang, Segamat, Kuantan to Pekan. From Kuala Lumpur, East Coast expressway can be taken with an interchange at Gambang Interchange to Tun Razak Highway.

Local transport in Pekan

Bicycles are the prime mode of transportation. You can rent a bicycle and cycle to place while discovering finer elements of nature. Taxis are also a popular means of transportation especially to and fro from other cities. 

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Pekan River Front

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