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Mahesh Pathak

on Prabalgad Fort 3 years ago
Information given on this page needs correction. It is written as Prabalgad is also called as Kalavantin Durg. This is not correct, both are distinct and different forts near to each other.

Aashimi Bhatia

3 years ago
- Applications like m-indicator by Mobogenie are extremely helpful for accurate timings on everything from trains, buses and fares of taxis and auto rickshaws. The railway section displays all statio (Read More)ns depending on which line you select, and this keeps you well informed about where you are heading and prevents you from getting lost as travel in Mumbai can be confusing for first timers.
- The area of Navi Mumbai, like most cities in and around Mumbai has rickshaws that follow the meter system, as well as those which don't. It's always better going by the metre system, but in some cases, there's not much of choice.
- Renting bikes or cars for oneself is always a better idea if you don't have your own transportation, so that you can travel freely. There may be difficulty in finding proper public transport near some of the forts. Karnala has its own parking system.
- As tempting as it is to camp at one of the forts at Panvel while you trek, it is advised not to. Cases of robberies are reported once in a while and it is always better to travel in large groups.
- Do not travel to the temples of Ballaleshwar and Varadavinayak on Tuesdays as you will find terrible amounts of crowd.
- If you are going to trek, make sure you have very good footwear. Also carry super glue with you because a lot of soles come off. Make sure you are carrying sugary items like chocolate, fruits and energy bars. They are light, but will give you more energy than any other foods.

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