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Kennedy Space Center, Orlando Overview

The John F. Kennedy Space Center which was first known as the NASA Launch Operations Center is situated in Merritt Island, Florida, and is one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) ten field core areas that are found in the United States. It had started in December 1968, The Kennedy Space Center has been NASA's main launch center for human spaceflight. The launch sequence for the Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle programs was carried out from Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 and managed by The Kennedy Space Center. Located on the east coast of Florida, Kennedy Space Center is adjacent to Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. They share resources and they operate facilities on each other's property. The operation directors of the two had to work very closely together

Even though the first Apollo flights and all of the Project Mercury and the Project Gemini flights had taken off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the launches were performed at The Kennedy Space Center and its former organization, which is called the Launch Operations Directorate. The fourth Gemini mission was executed by NASA at the launch control center in Florida which is known as the Mercury Control Center, later known as the Launch Control Center. It commences by handing off the power of the vehicles to the Mission Control Center that was in Houston, The command center after prior missions, held control throughout the entire mission.

Among the various special and one of a kind facilities at Kennedy Space Center, there is the 525-foot (160 m) tall Vehicle Assembly unit for the stacking of NASA's largest rockets, then the Launch Control Center, which is used to conduct space launches at the Kennedy Space Center, the Operations and Checkout Building, is used to house the astronaut's dormitories and suit-up station, it has a Space Station factory, and also houses a 3-mile or 4.8 km long Shuttle Landing Facility. The Kennedy Space Center also has a Visitor Complex open to the public on-site. There were an estimated 1.5 million visitors in 2015. It has around 700 employees. 

The Kennedy Space Center is used for handling the launch of unmanned and commercial crew missions and also studies food production and In-Situ Resource consumption for off-Earth exploration. The Kennedy Space Center since early 2010 has aimed to become a spaceport that can cater to commercial spaceflight as well through industry partnerships, and they had even added a new launchpad (LC-39C) in 2015.

There are around 700 structures and buildings that are spread across the center's 144,000 acres. The Kennedy Space Center offers its visitors in the base admission a tour-bus transport to see the Launch Complex 39 and the remainder of the Kennedy Space Center property, as well as the Apollo/Saturn V Center. The Kennedy Space Center tours it used to offer admission to the Astronaut Hall of Fame which is located 6 miles (9.7 km) to the west of the launch pad.

At The Kennedy Space Center, there are two theaters that allow the visitor to relive parts of the Apollo program. One of the halls simulates the environment inside an Apollo spaceship during the Apollo launch, and the other hall shows tourists the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has been owned and maintained by the Delaware North since 1995, it has a variety of exhibits, artifacts, displays, and attractions that are based on the history and future of human and robotic spaceflight. Bus tours of Kennedy Space Center originate from here.

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