National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary Questions & Answers

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Q. Is the Chambal wildlife park more about amphibians or other birds and animals as well?

Kovid Kapoor

3 years ago
There's a boat safari on the Chambal river, wherein you can see the River Dolphin and gharials. You can also see small predators like the Indian wolf and the striped hyena and smooth coated otters.
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Shreyas Kapoor

3 years ago
- Be careful with the animals and try not to disturb them from their natural habitat
- The accommodation may be a problem as the place is not very popular amongst tourists. Try to find out in adva (Read More)nce about the accommodation if not staying in the Chambal Safari Lodge
- The prices for the safari may vary depending where do you take it from. The Chambal Safari lodge has separate boats and the safari here is expensive compared to the other government organizations
- Do not try to venture alone into any parts of the river Chambal as it is infested with crocodiles

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