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Bateshwar Temples, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary Overview

With a backstory that is ironic to the infinite calm that they offer, Bateshwar Temples is situated in the ghats of Chambal. It is believed that some of the most infamous and sought after dacoits of the Chambal Region had made it their hiding place. The complex was in a shoddy shape until the Archaeological Survey of India decided to take matters in their own hands and restored it in 2005. The location of the temples is a major landmark for tourists seeking spiritual getaways. The temple complex is made up of 200 temples and is situated deep in the rocky cliffs of Chambal, in Madhya Pradesh. The temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva or Bateshwar Mahadev and hence are called Bateshwar Temples.

Bateshwar Mahadev, according to Hindu mythology, is believed to be the son of four Dhams. Bateshwar is one of the most ancient towns of India associated with rich mythology about Bateshwarnath Mahadev. The temples were constructed under the reign of the Pratihara dynasty. As one explores the region, they are bound to notice the remarkable architecture among rocky but stunning vistas. The beauty of the place and the temples draws tourists from all over the world. 

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History of Bateshwar Temples

Bateshwar Temples are dedicated to Bateshwar Mahadev or Shiva who, according to a legend, rested under a Banyan Tree in the region. Banyan Tree is called "Bat" in Sanskrit, hence the name Bateshwarnath Mahadev. The place was therefore named Bateshwar, and the temples were built in the honour of Lord Shiva.

The magnificent temples were built under the reign of Gurjar Pratihara Dynasty in 700-800 CE. They were destroyed by believed natural causes in the 13th century and were reconstructed in 2005 by the ASI.

How to reach Bateshwar Temples

  • Air: The nearest airport to Bateshwar is located atë_Agraë_(70-km) or the Kheria airport that has all the main domestic airlines. You can take a taxi from here to Bateshwar.

  • Rail: Agra is the nearest railway station with many trains coming from South India,ë_Mumbaië_and Kolkata. You will have to take a taxi from here to get to Bateshwar.

  • Road: Agra has the national highway numbers 2, 3, 11 passing through it and it is connected by bus services to other places in the State as well as outside the state. The state transports have deluxe as well as ordinary bus services.

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