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"City of Gurudwaras, City of Sanskrit Poets"

Nanded Tourism

Nanded is the second-largest city in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. It is famous for its Gurudwara, ancient forts, street food and unique saucer-shaped boats. The city boasts of an exciting blend of the old form with the modern. It has so much historical importance and is home to the Sikh Gurudwara and several Sufi shrines as well. In addition to being a sacred city, Nanded has also emerged as a promising commercial sector in the state. It has several industries, most of which are agriculture or manufacturing-based. Be sure to indulge in the street food and saucer-shaped boat rides while in Nanded.

Nanded is a historic city whose name is believed to have originated from the Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vehicle of consciousness. Lord Shiva is also believed to have performed penance on the banks of River Godavari that flows in the Nanded region. The historic city is also very rich in natural resources such as granite, calcium, magnesium and limestone. It acts as a centre of governance as well as a market town for its surrounding agricultural regions. Popular crops grown in this region include cotton, sugarcane, soya beans, sorghum and bananas. Nanded also has a regional cotton research centre that supports the cotton-growing industry in this region.

In addition to being a tourist spot, Nanded has also grown as an educational hub in the Marathwada region. The city is also famous for its Gurudwara that draws lakhs of Sikhs from all across the world. The Gurudwara is regarded as Nanded’s biggest attraction. The presence of one of the five Takthas of Sikhs, Hazur Sahib, make Nanded the second holiest city among the Sikhs. Another popular tourist attraction is the Kaleshwar Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kandahar, Kunthaligiri and Dharur are ancient forts that draw tourist crowds as well. 

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More on Nanded

Local Culture in Nanded

Dance of the Region
Nanded boasts of culture as diverse as its people. Drama and dance form an essential part of every local’s life. The dance forms are known for their depictions of historical fables, spiritual stories and real-life incidents. Few of the popular dance forms of Nanded are Lavni, Gondhals, Povadas and Bharuds.
Povadha: Povadhas are ballads recounting the events from the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the famous king.
Bharud: Bharuds is an exciting dance form showcasing a mix of comedy as well as spirituality usually performed at fairs and festivals.
Lavni: Lavni is a prevalent dance form that beautifully blends song and dance with an extraordinary rhythm.

Tamasha and Dindi are the popular forms of theatre in the Nanded region.

Local Festivities
Some of the famous festivals celebrated in Nanded are Ganesh Utsav, Holi, Mahotsav, Bakrid, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali etc. Gurta Gaddi is celebrated during October or November once in a century. It draws millions of Sikhs to Shri Huzur Abchalnagar Sachkhand Gurudwara.

Arts and Crafts
Nanded is also famous for its handicrafts and painting. The people here are highly skilled at Bidri work, Warli arts, Himru and Mashroo. The official language in this region is Marathi.

Language of Nanded
Hindi is also vastly spoken in Nanded. A considerable section of the city is made up of Muslims, and hence, Deccan dialects of Urdu can even be heard. The Sikhs living in this city speak Punjabi, and minorities are speaking Telugu, Gujarati and Sindhi as well.

Shopping in Nanded

Despite being a primarily religious city, Nanded has several shopping centres that cater to the needs of the tourists.
Cultural Highlights
The town is famous for its handicraft items that are made by the locals. Several high-end shopping malls have also surfaced in recent times. The local markets in the city are famous for their fresh agricultural produce and exquisite handicrafts. The handicrafts often receive positive responses from the visitors who are in awe of the unique craftsmanship of the locals.
The Sikh Connection
Owing to the city’s Sikh connection, one can also find several shops selling a variety of swords and knives. Embellished sheaths often accompany them.
Mata Guruji Shopping Complex
The Sachkand Gurudwara runs the Mata Guruji Shopping Complex. It is a commercial complex that has numerous national and international brands on sale. There are a total of 72 shops in this structure that sell a variety of products ranging from daily use to unusual occasion wear.

Places to Visit in Nanded

Nanded is regarded as a popular Sikh pilgrim centre and is home to several tourist attractions.
1. Nanded Fort
Nanded Fort is a magnificent fort surrounded by green vegetation on all sides and bordered by the River Godavari on three. It is located just 4 km from the Nanded Railway station and is known for its stunning beauty.
2. Sachkand Gurudwara
Sachkand Gurudwara is one of the five takthas that house the holy book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This beautiful Gurudwara sees millions of visitors from all across the world each year.
3. Lord Siddheshwar Temple
Lord Siddheshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is carved out of stone and flaunts the Chalukyan style of architecture.
4. Shaktipur
Another popular tourist spot is Mahur, which is also a Shaktipeeth. The famous Renuka Devi Temple is also located here. It is a place of historical significance and natural beauty.
5. Kandhar Fort 
Kandhar Fort is situated in the heart of Nanded city and contributes immensely to the city’s tourism. The domes of the fort are styled by Ahmednagar architectural style.

Food and Restaurants in Nanded

Nanded is very popular for its street food, especially Biryani and Tehri. There are stalls spread across the city, and you can usually spot locals crowding around each of them. This historic city has remained a hub for the invention of popular cuisines. It is home to several communities who have contributed to the culture and kitchens in this area. Nanded is well known for rice-based cuisine that reflects influences of Hyderabadi cooking. The food is a typical blend of Maharashtrian cuisine and Telangana style of cooking. Nanded is famous for its authentic, Marathi street food. Great restaurants in this city include Nagarjuna Restaurant and Bar, Shyam Chinese Food, The Taste Pizza Cafe, Tuljai cold drinks etc.

History of Nanded

Pre - Independence
Nanded is a historical city situated in the Marwada region of Maharashtra. Nanded was under the rule of the Nanda dynasty for several generations during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. It then fell under the control of the Maurya Empire that was being led by Ashoka. This historic city is also home to a Sikh Gurudwara which was erected in 1708 when Guru Gobind Singh Ji died. He was the tenth spiritual leader of the Sikhs and even the last Sikh Guru. He had visited Nanded after the death of Aurangzeb and had proclaimed to be the last living Guru. Nanded was under the Nizam rule from 1725 to 1948.
Post Independence
The Indian Armed Forces ended the Nizam rule, making Nanded a part of the new Hyderabad state. The city eventually became a part of Maharashtra when the lands were re-formed. The reason behind this being that the people in the region of Nanded mainly spoke Marathi and the states were divided based on standard languages and traditions.


Day 1: Reach Nanded by morning and check in to the accommodation. Freshen up. Head to the Sachkandd Gurudwara, which is the biggest attraction of the city. Visit Hazur Sahib in the evening.
Day 2: This day is reserved for forts that will take you on a ride through history. Visit Nanded Fort and Kandhar Fort. There will be a lot of walking in both places and hence, you can retire for the day after these two attractions.
Day 3: The last day can be kept for exploring the city or shopping. You can visit the local markets and even check out the street food — departure at night.

Tips for Travellers

  • Nanded experiences extreme summers and monsoons.
  • The scorching heat makes it an uncomfortable time to visit this historic city.
  • Travellers usually avoid planning a trip during the summer months.
  • Nanded experiences heavy rainfall that even disrupts the lives of the locals, avoid these two seasons.
  • However, if travelling during summer or monsoon then make sure to take necessary precautions for the same.

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FAQs on Nanded

What are the places near Nanded?

The top places near to Nanded are Ajanta and ellora caves which is 242 km from Nanded, Hyderabad which is located 233 km from Nanded, Lonar which is located 122 km from Nanded, Bidar which is located 139 km from Nanded, Goa which is located 550 km from Nanded

What is not so good about Nanded?

Avoid the monsoons in Nanded. The city experiences heavy rainfall that disrupts the many lives of the region.

Who should visit Nanded?

Nanded is a great city for history buffs and adventure seekers. It also has a prominent street food scene which attracts foodies globally.

What is the best time to visit Nanded?

Nanded experiences scorching summers, cold winters and extremely heavy monsoons. The winter season is the best time to visit this historic city. Winter starts in November and continues until February. Travellers can comfortably enjoy sightseeing and other activities. However, they are advised to carry appropriate winter wear. The maximum daily temperatures during summer reach 43 degrees Celsius during summers. Summer starts in April and goes on till the end of May. The scorching heat makes this an uncomfortable time for a visit. Monsoon begins in July and goes on until the end of September. Nanded usually experiences hefty rainfall that may even disrupt day-to-day lives.
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What is famous about Nanded?

Gurudwaras and Forts form a significant aspect of tourism in Nanded. It is an excellent place for history buffs and adventure seekers.

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