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One of the world's oldest and most popular metro systems. It's stations are of historic importance, as their architecture was extremely elaborate and used to advance the communist superiority.

Work on the metro began in the 1930s and it was opened for the first time in 1935. The idea behind the metro was to make the masses absorb and believe in the Stalinist reign. The metro stations were built with such care and beauty, that even today the metro system in Moscow stands as one of the most ambitious architectural projects ever undertaken. The first 13 metro stations in particular became famous all over the world and were the ultimate device to make the people of Moscow believe in the communist regime. The future and the grandeur of the Stalinist era was sold to them as they travelled the metro every day. Some of the most awe-inspiring metro stations of this era are Mayakovskaya, Revolution Square, Kievskaya, Prospekt mira and several others. The first four stages of the metro, built by 1953, are the most beautiful. The dazzling beauty that went into the stations from then on considerably reduced.

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