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The Alexander Garden is one of the most crowded parks in Moscow, adorned with many monuments and attractions, and is truly a spectacular and calm oasis in the big bustling city.

The park stretches along the western wall of the Kremlin and on the other edge has the Moscow Manege. The park was constructed after Napoleon and the French were defeated, on orders of Tsar Alexander I. The damage that had been done to the city is symbolically represented in one of the major monuments of the park, the Grotto, which was intentionally made to look like a ruined monument. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, whose eternal flame is always guarded by sentinels. The view of the Moscow Kremlin that you get from the garden as well, is something which could alone be the reason for you to visit the place, giving you access to some parts of the wall and towers which you can't get from anywhere else. There's more, the Negglinayya river, which was initially put under the ground, was artificially recreated, adds a lovely charm to the entire gardens. As you explore this entire park, you will not be able to miss the sprawling flower beds that have been laid out to capture your imagination, making the Alexander Garden an absolutely awe-inspiring experience.

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