Places To Visit In Rodrigues Island

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Here are the top 3 places to visit in Rodrigues Island

1. Saint Gabriel Church

Saint Gabriel Church

1 out of 3 places to visit in Rodrigues Island

Saint Gabriel church is located right at the heart of Rodrigues Island and has one of the largest Port Louis diocese congregations. The religious building serves as a cathedral of the Catholic Church's Apostolic Vicariate of Rodrigues. 32.7% of the Mauritian population adheres to Christianity and Christian beliefs. Christianity was introduced in Mauritius with the arrival of the Dutch and today; some churches are scattered in different parts of the island. One of the most significant among them is the Saint Gabriel Church.

2. Caverne Patate

Caverne Patate

2 out of 3 places to visit in Rodrigues Island

Being a volcanic island, Mauritius is home to several caves that are both accessible and inaccessible. One such cave that's accessible is now a popular tourist attraction by the name Cavern Patate. The cave is located on the Rodrigues island, off the main coast of Mauritius. Rodrigues island is home to quite a few caves and caverns which were used in the ancient times by pirates to hoard their treasure. Although the treasure are no longer there, the caves are one of the most intriguing places you can think of exploring.

3. Francois Leguat Nature Reserve

Francois Leguat Nature Reserve

3 out of 3 places to visit in Rodrigues Island

While the mainstay of Mauritius is its stellar stretches of white sand beaches and crystal-clear azure lagoons, Mauritius is an exotic island and is home to a plethora of such exotic places that draw as many tourists as its tropical beaches do. Unbeknownst to many, Mauritius is not a lone island in itself but is surrounded by many smaller islets that serve as perfect weekend getaways when you're on a trip to Mauritius. One such island is Rodrigues, which is home to the Francois Leguat Nature Reserve, a very popular nature reserve in the country where you can experience the beauty of Mauritius in all its untouched, untainted glory, far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the country's tropical tourist destinations.

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