What to Wear in Marrakesh: Top Dressing Tips

Marrakesh has become quite a modern city over the years but is still deeply traditional in many ways, so when it comes to clothing, you must do your research well to know what you can and cannot wear here. Some of its most popular tourist attractions are religious establishments, and thus you must be appropriately dressed when visiting them. Moreover, this Moroccan city’s weather conditions must also be kept in mind while packing; it is usually hot during the daytime and cool in the evenings. So, if you’re looking for tips on what to pack for your Marrakesh trip, this is just the article for you!

Dressing Tips for Marrakesh

Dressing in Marrakesh
  • Morocco is a largely Islamic country, and when you visit Marrakesh, it is advisable that you dress modestly and avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing or see-through, even though there are no official restrictions.
  • Women are mainly advised to cover up their shoulders as well as legs, especially above their knees, and to not wear tops with low necklines. It is also better to avoid wearing a lot of expensive jewellery and carrying expensive handbags, specifically if you are visiting the Medina, which tends to be crowded.
  • Women wearing fitted jeans are also advised to wear longer tops.
  • Wearing the hijab is not mandatory, especially for non-Muslim women tourists. 
  • There aren’t as many clothing restrictions on men as on women when visiting Marrakesh; it is okay for them to wear shorts when out and about.

What to Pack for Marrakesh


Dressing for women in Marrakesh
  • You should pack lightweight cotton or linen shirts and blouses since the weather is mostly warm. Make sure to pack capri pants or culottes for when you visit the Medina since you don’t want your bottoms dragging on the ground. 
  • Maxi dresses, midi and maxi skirts, cotton trousers, kaftans, loose shirts and even jeans are ideal for sightseeing. 
  • For when you are are within the hotel or riad, you can wear shorts, tank tops, swimsuits like bikinis etc. And if you are planning on visiting a nightclub, you can wear short dresses or skirts.
  • For dinner at a nice place, you can pack some fancy clothes.
  • You can also pack sandals or heels for going out but avoid wearing them when you have to be on your feet for long.
  • Make sure that you carry a few scarves or a shawl that you can wrap around your head or shoulders for when you visit religious sites or when it gets cooler in the evenings.


Dressing for men in Marrakesh
  • Since there are fewer clothing restrictions on men, you can pack shorts, t-shirts and polo-neck shirts for when you go sightseeing. Cotton or linen trousers, chinos, loose shirts, jeans etc. are suitable too, especially for going out at night. 
  • Pack a smart jacket or blazer if you plan on going to a fancy restaurant. 


Dressing for the medina
  • If you are visiting in the winter, don’t forget to pack warm sweaters and jackets as it does get cold here. And pack a raincoat and umbrella if you are visiting in November as it often rains during this time.
  • Pack a pair of close-toed walking shoes (like sneakers) since Marrakesh has a lot of cobblestone streets, particularly around the Medina, that are usually very dirty. 
  • Don’t forget to keep sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to protect yourself from the sun and heat. 
A mix of the modern and old-fashioned, Marrakesh is undoubtedly an excellent destination to visit. However, given that it is primarily an Islamic city seeped in tradition, it is always better to be respectful of their culture when visiting. Despite there being no laws that govern what you wear, it goes without saying that you should make an effort to dress appropriately so as to avoid garnering attention or being offensive to the locals.

This post was published by Arushi Bhowmick

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