List of Famous Gardens in Marrakech

Here is the list of 5 Gardens in Marrakech

1. Le Jardin Secret

Le Jardin Secret

Le Jardin Secret in Marrakech is a botanical garden and the epitome of Morocco's Islamic art and culture. The main attraction is the two garden areas: the exotic garden and the Islamic garden. Experience the best view of the Atlas mountains, the medina, and the surroundings from the tower top of Le Jardin Secret.

2. Menara Gardens

Menara Gardens
3.5 /5

March towards the western Marrakech and spot the huge green space at the foothills of the Atlas mountains. The Menara gardens are not only encased in the most spectacular location but also serves as a picturesque maze of green tracts and blooming colourful flowers. Visitors come here again and again for the fresh air.

3. Cyber Parc Arsat Moulay Abdeslam

Cyber Parc Arsat Moulay Abdeslam
3.6 /5

Cyber Park Arsat Moulay Abdeslam is an ornamental botanical garden on Boulevard Mohamed V, Marrakech. It gets its name after the free WiFi hotspots that are accessible to visitors throughout the park. With beautiful rose bushes, walkways, fountains and lush green lawns, it is also an excellent place for family picnics.

4. Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Gardens
3.8 /5

The Majorelle gardens with the beautiful green leafy tracts offers a peaceful environment. This attraction, which blends Moorish and decorative art features, has the rarest flowers making you forget about the noisy bustle of the city.

5. Anima Garden

Anima Garden
4.0 /5

The Anima Garden, located in the Ourika Valley in Marrakech, is a unique botanical garden known for its immense greenery and art. Built by the artist André Heller, it spans an area of about 2 hectares and is a recreation of African nature. It features many trees, plants, shrubs and flowers with winding paths. The garden overlooks the majestic Atlas Mountains, including Jbel Toubkal.

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