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"The Radiant City"

Madinah Tourism

Madinah - otherwise known as Medina is another one of Saudi Arabia's beautiful desert cities - and is second only to Mecca in religious significance for the Islamic religion. The city has much to offer travelers - from religious monuments to incredible cultural traditions that really do set the city apart from the rest.

The establishment of Medinah carries a very interesting story. It is said that the Prophet Mohammed left the city of Mecca and moved to Madinah, and it is here that he is said to have spent the remainder of his life. Once he moved to Madinah, along with his fellow Muslims, he established a free-state for all Muslims and thus created this very beautiful and important city. It may be because of this reason, and through the teachings of the Prophet, that make the people of this city so hospitable and friendly. In addition to all of this, Medinah offers a brilliant mix of old Saudi culture and the new business culture that has developed in the kingdom. This city boasts of a vibrant array of shopping complexes, restaurants, galleries, cultural activities as well as many desert activities - all within the city limits. At night, the landscape of the city is unrivaled. Surrounded by rolling hills, the moonlight gets captured in such a way that you really do feel like you are caught up in a magical Arabian fairytale!

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What is the best time to visit Madinah?

The best time to visit Madinah is between the months of October and May, where the temperature is more tolerable than the extreme heat felt by this desert city.
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What are the places near Madinah?

The top places near to Madinah are Riyadh which is 718 km from Madinah, London which is located 4503 km from Madinah, Dubai which is located 1585 km from Madinah, Amsterdam which is located 4252 km from Madinah, New york city which is located 10042 km from Madinah

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