Weather :

Timings : Open 24 hours

Established : February 8, 1960

Length : 1.3 miles

Type : Entertainment hall of fame

Number of stars : 2,690

Administration : Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Accessibility : Wheelchair accessible car park and entrance

Amenities :

  • Good for kids
  • Shopping
  • Food and beverage

Airport : Los Angeles International Airport

Location : Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

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Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles Overview

Gathering over 10 million visitors from across the world annually, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is one of America’s most visited destinations. The sidewalk along 18 blocks of the iconic Hollywood Boulevard is embedded with coral pink, five-pointed brass and terrazzo stars bearing names of achievers in the entertainment industry. This includes musicians, directors, actors, producers and even fictional characters associated with Hollywood. With a small fee, even you can get your name on a star temporarily and take a memorable picture with it.

These public monuments are a delight to walk along owing to the upscale surroundings lined with gorgeous Californian palms. Ranging from five dollar stores to elite brands, Hollywood Walk of Fame is also a hotspot for window shopping. Souvenir shops allow visitors to take tokens of their visit back home, which can be anything from a star with your favorite celeb’s name on it to actual figurines of them. Family-friendly restaurants flank the boulevard, offering a variety of American, European, Chinese and continental delicacies. You can find several roadside performers here and street artists dressed up as action figures who let you click photos with them. The walk ends at the “Four Ladies of Hollywood” gazebo, marking the legacy of ethnic women of Hollywood.

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