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Aundoli, Lonavala Overview

Located in Lonavala, Aundoli is Maharashtra's premiere horse riding and adventure camp site. Sprawling over a vast area of 3.5 acres of land, Aundoli is a ideal getaway spot popular among honeymooners, backpackers, adventure enthusiasts, friends, and family alike.

Camps at Aundoli

1. Family Leisure

Aundoli camps have a specially designed package for all the families out there. There are weekend camps where parents and children together participate in exciting adventure activities like trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, etc. There are also casual competitions for both the parents v/s the kids and family v/s family (only if you are willing for that extra excitement).

Family Camping at Aundoli

2. Child Outbound

Aundoli also has customized camping facilities just for the kids where they are trained by professionals and the activities are conducted under strict supervision. The instructors are friendly and this activity gives your child the much-needed exposure from the metro city life. The games are divided into several levels-
a. Night Survival is a trek in the jungle where the kids are taken to a trek in the nearby forest to camp. It gives the children the sense of freedom but at the same time also teaches them how to survive with the bare necessities. This activity is conducted under the strict supervision of the instructors and is completely safe.
b. Map Reading  is another activity where the kids are taught how to read a map while trekking their way to the top. It is a learning process besides being all fun and games.
c. Treasure Hunt So the children are then equipped with maps and compasses and then they embark to look for the hidden treasure. It is the most popular game at the camp among children.
d. Outdoor Sports Besides they have several other outdoor activities and fun games like rope climbing, team building, cricket, football, soccer etc.

3. Corporate Training

Aundoli Camps is also a hot favourite among the corporate companies lately. The companies tend to sneak into the lap of nature to provide a better, more fun experience to their employees while imparting some important training modules. The camp has a rigorous program for corporate training that involves-
a) Team Building
b) New Employees’ Orientation Program
c) Leadership Programs
d) Programs for Management and IT trainees

4. Horse Riding

Aundoli Camps are mostly famous for the horse riding activities they facilitate. They have several horses all of which are kept with utmost care in separate stall. The promoter of the Camps Mr. Manish Pandya takes to train the guests himself. The training begins with the participants being taught how the horses sense anxieties, desires and emotions. The training eventually goes on to teach them about horse riding which they can enjoy in the vicinity of the campsite itself.

Horse Riding

What do they offer

1. Homestay

The camps have a facility of natural homestay with non- AC rooms (not that you would need air conditioning anyway) with proper hygiene and sanitation facilities. The meals include breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. Although they just serve veg meals.

2. Camping and Bonfire

Camping and Bonfire is the most sought after activity at the camp. You are allowed to camp under the stars, have dinner by the bonfire, play the outdoor games and do all those clitche campsite things.

3. Trekking

They also have marked trails on the narrow pathways through the jungle leading to the high cliffs. You can choose wander by yourself into the forest and explore the mystical natural on your own. Or you can also take assistance from a professional. In either case, we advise you to not wander off too deep into the forest for safety comes first.

4. Horse Riding

People who love horse riding have an additional advantage here. Besides getting the chance to closely interact with horses and ponies, the participants are allowed to be a part of the daily routine of stable work, feeding the animals, grooming and training of young horses. At the end of the horse riding sessions, the students are also awarded with certificates and are upgraded to one level higher. There are several level in horse riding training, you can choose to take the training all at once or separately depending on your situation.

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Tips For Visiting Aundoli

1. Carry a mosquito repellent, a battery torch and some extra batteries.
2. Liquor is not provided at the campsite. All gents group is not entertained.
3. Remember to carry your swimwear.
4. Wear your most comfortable clothes and floaters.
5. Carry some woollens, just in case.
6. Also take basic medicines along for cold, cough, flu and headache etc.

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