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Top Things to do in Lhuentse

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1. Lhuentse Dzong

Lhuentse Dzong

19 km
from city center
1 out of 6
places to visit in Lhuentse

The most significant tourist destination in Lhuentse, Lhuentse Dzong has a rich history combined with intricate architectural details. Located in the Kuri Chhu Valley, Lhuentse Dzong is an excellent example of Bhutanese architecture. It is the pride of Lhuentse residents who fondly speak of this little monastery to tourists and outsiders. This is where Lhuentse Tshechu takes place every year. You can take in part in vibrant celebrations if you visit the dzong around Tshechu.

2. Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

2 out of 6
places to visit in Lhuentse

Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the north-western part of Bhutan covering an area of 1,545 square kilometres with 420 square kilometres of buffer zone encompassing parts of Trashiyangtse, Lhuentse, and Mongar district. This quaint sanctuary shares border with Tibet region of China and northeastern regions of India. The sanctuary has been equipped with extra security checks because of one of the endangered species that it protects, i.e. red panda.

3. Kilung Lhakhang

Kilung Lhakhang

3 out of 6
places to visit in Lhuentse

Situated at about 20 mins away from the small village of Kilung, the Kilung Lhakhang is a sacred temple with a very rich history. It is located over a ridge above Kurichhu River. The inhabitants of the village are called Tshanglas who've been migrated during the 1880s. The Lhakhang is a proud owner of a chain that was used to capture a statue believed to have flown away from the Lhuentse Dzong. It is a very beautifully constructed monastery and very popular among the locals. 

4. Jangchubling Dzong

Jangchubling Dzong

116 km
from city center
4 out of 6
places to visit in Lhuentse

Founded in the 18th century by Pekar Gyatso, this monastery is one of the most important sites in Lhuentse. It served as the residence of the first king Ashi Wangmo's daughter. It is accessible from the feeder road in Lhuentse. 

5. Khoma Village

Khoma Village

18 km
from city center
5 out of 6
places to visit in Lhuentse

Famous for its woven textiles made from a particular type of silk called Kishu Thara Kira, this small village is a blanket of trees and greenery. It is located at a distance of 7 kilometres at the confluence of two rivers - Khoma Chhu and Yongla Chhu. A two-hours long walk from Lhuentse Dzong will take you there. It is also known as the gateway to Singye Dzong situated atop a hill with about 20 households. Once you are here, you will see many women sitting together in a row inside a cottage and uniquely weaving clothes. You can spot beautiful patterns on clothes and get to learn the precise details of sewing.

6. Gangzur Village

Gangzur Village

6 out of 6
places to visit in Lhuentse

Gangzur is a little village in Lhuentse District that is known for its pottery skills. The women of the Gangzur Village are masters at the art of pottery. You can see many women sitting with clay and making pots with finesse and skill. Apart from this, the village provides great view of the mountains and valleys. The government of Bhutan is currently working on providing the village with more resources and financial support.

FAQs on Lhuentse

How can I commute within Lhuentse?

Being an underdeveloped district of Bhutan, there is no public transport available for one to get around Lhuentse. Most travelling in the town will have to be done on foot.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Lhuentse?

The top sightseeing places in Lhuentse are Lhuentse Dzong, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Kilung Lhakhang, Jangchubling Dzong, Khoma Village, Gangzur Village.