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Naman Sarawagi

on Great Rann of Kutch 4 years ago
The Rann (Desert) is magical. Nothing like anything that I have witnessed before. Good 2-3 hours during sunset and an hour around sunrise to enjoy. The White Rann and Tent City are good places to sta (Read More)y. Avoid going to Kutch if you don't get a booking at 1 of these 2 places. Other places are BAD. The overall festival is pretty mediocre. The food outside the main catering area is like any other run down tourist place. Include Mandvi beach during your visit. About 100 Kms from Kutch. Nice long stretch of sand with activities. Kutch probably has the worst food for a tourist place.

sarika shah

4 years ago
Best time to visit kutch is November to February.. Enjoy Rannutsav

Naman Sarawagi

on Mandvi Beach 4 years ago
The beach is about 2.5 hrs from Kutch but generally included in the same visit. The beach is long. About 100 meters from the main entrance, the beach is mostly untouched and clean. Food is a let down (Read More) on the beach.

Ayush Baheti

4 years ago
- Plan your visit during the Kutch Mahotsav held during December - January. The place comes alive with folk songs, markets and colours. A juvinile atmosphere engulfs the place.

Mohamad Iqbal Khatri

on Kutch Bustard Sanctuary 4 years ago
Where this Sanchuri in Kutch address pls

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Rajat Jain

4 years ago
You can drive to Kutch, take a bus, or simply take the train, which goes via Bhuj and takes about 7.5 hours. The road is also scenic and if you can drive, its a lovely journey.
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Q. What is the best time to visit Kutch?


4 years ago
The best time to visit Kutch is from July-March. You can also visit the place during Kutch Mahotsav
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