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What is the best time to visit Khonsa?

Khonsa has a warm and temperate climate. The weather is rarely extreme. The region experiences ample rainfall with the average rainfall of 2605mm in a year. October and November are the best months to cherish the beauty of this place.

Weather in Khonsa


Upcoming Khonsa Weather

Monthly Weather in Khonsa

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 19°/ 10° 14 days
February 21°/ 11° 19 days
March 25°/ 14° 20 days
April 27°/ 17° 17 days
May 29°/ 20° 21 days
June 30°/ 22° 29 days
July 26°/ 21° 31 days
August 29°/ 22° 30 days
September 26°/ 20° 30 days
October 26°/ 18° 27 days
November 25°/ 16° 10 days
December 21°/ 11° 5 days

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Khonsa in Winter (December - February)

The winter season starting from December lasts until February, are mild and comfortable. The average temperature ranges around 6 to 7 degrees Celcius. January is the coldest month.

Khonsa in Monsoon (June - September)

Khonsa experiences abundant rainfall. It rains cats and dogs during the monsoon months. The month of July experiences the maximum rainfall.

Khonsa in Summer (March - June)

Summers are not oppressive with the average maximum temperature lying between 32 to 35 degrees Celcius. There is a good deal of rainfall in summers.

Khonsa Photos

Khonsa, Arunachal Pradesh
Spectacular View of Khonsa Village
Namdapha National Park
Namdapha River - Scenic View

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